13th April 1774
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SentenceMiscellaneous > branding; Imprisonment

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332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338. (L.) THOMAS HAYWARD , THOMAS PICKERING , JOHN DAVIS , JOSEPH MEETWOOD , CLARK BAILEY , WILLIAM TURNER , and JAMES WHITEHOUSE were indicted for coining and counterfeiting a a piece of copper money of this realm called a halfpenny, against the statute .

2d Count, the likeness and similitude of legal and good copper money of this realm, did make coin and counterfeit against the statute, Mar. 30th . *

Percival Phillips . I went to the house of Hayward in Old Fish-street on the 30th of March; I knocked at the door, Hayward and Turner let me in; they were both without their coats; Turner had a red cap on; I went with Richard Bond , John Clark , John Heley , William Taylor and Peter Senhouse ; Mr. Bond came in and bid me take care of Hayward and Turner, and he himself went into the cellar; Senhouse come in next to my assistance; I saw all the

other prisoners when they were brought up from the kitchen.

Richard Bond . I went to the house; I bid Phillips take care of Hayward and Turner and then I went down into the kitchen, and there round a press I saw Pickering, Davis, Whitehouse, Bailey and Meetwood; I let Meetwood pass by me up stairs; the others run into the area; I bolted them out; when the three that were got up stairs, that is, Hayward, Turner, and Meetwood were secured; I secured the others; I did not see them do any thing in the kitchen; but there were two lighted candles, and the sticks of the candles were almost covered with halfpence; I would not meddle with any thing, but left it to be done by Clark, who understands these things better than myself.

Q. from Meetwood. Whether I did not stand in the passage when you came in?

Bond. No; Taylor brought you up stairs; I did not see Turner till he came up with the other; Pickering was in the kitchen; I could not find them at first; I looked into the cellar, they were not there; then I looked into a little dark place filled with chips, there I found Pickering, with two others; one had got off; Pickering had no coat on; they were all without their coats; Pickering made a strong resistance.

Pickering. I was not without my coat, ask Phillips if I was.

Phillips. I cannot say whether he had his coat on or not.

John Clark . I had received an information that coiners were at work in Fish-street; on the 30th of March I went to this house; Phillips knocked at the door; when I went in I saw Hayward and Turner; Turner was obstinate and would not be tied; Taylor brought up Meetwood; there was a coat in the parlour; we desired Turner to put it on; he said his was in the kitchen; Senhouse went down and fetched his coat, and he put it on; I went into the kitchen; Bond had secured four in the cellar, as he told me; I will not be sure whether Pickering had a coat on, but he sat down in this little back place; I said d - n you come down or I will shoot you; then Pickering said he would come down; he did come down, and we had great difficulty to tie him, as he made a strong resistance; I found in the room a press and two dies for coining halfpence; and there was a great quantity of warm halfpence, and copper ready for scowering, and several other dies; in another cellar I found a cutting out press and several slips of copper for cutting out (produces a gauge ) this is a thing they use to mark the copper so as to cut it according to the size of a halfpenny; that I found in the garrett; in the one pair of stair's room I found some counterfeit halfpence; (producing them) when there are a great quantity to coin it will take at least seven men; the other presses I found are too big to be brought into court; they are at the door; (he produces the copper cut in slips, and also that which was ready for scowering; and also a great quantity of counterfeit halfpence); in one of the dies there is a stroke just under the Britannia's-head; some of the halfpence have the same stroke on the impression, and therefore I am sure they were struck with that die.

Peter Senhouse . When I came into the house Turner's shirt sleeves were turned up; when I offered Turner the cloaths in the parlour, he said his cloaths were in the cellar; I went down and brought them up, and he put them on; he resisted, and I was forced to knock him down before I could get his hand tied.

John Heley . I was set at the beginning to prevent any body making their escape; these men got into the area; I saw Davis get out of the area; I let him get over the rails, for fear, if he changed his position, the spikes should run into his belly; as soon as he had got over I secured him; nobody could have got down into that area while I was there without my having seen them.

George Taylor . Hayward took this house of me; he paid me a quarter and half a quarter of a year's rent but a little while before these people were all taken up; but at the time he paid the rent he did not say any thing that he had let the house to Mr. Palmer.

Hayward. I did not mention that because I was tied down to a year's certain.

Whitehouse's Defence.

I never was in the cellar; I work for Mr. Hill; Mr. Hill sent me to this house in Fish-street; I never had my coat off.

Bond. He was in the kitchen; I think he had his coat off.

For Turner.

Susannah Dumont . I live with Mr. Palmer; Turner used to bring coals to our house; he brought some that morning.

John Davis 's Defence.

I am a labouring man ; I was going by this house two days before; I saw a step at the door broke down, upon which I knocked at the door and asked them if I might mend it; they said I might; I did mend it the next day; Palmer was not at home, so the next morning I called for the money due to me for mending the step; I had not been there two minutes before Sir John Fielding 's men came; upon that I run down stairs; I heard a cry of Fielding's men; I did not care to be in their mess; I should not like to meet them any where, much less in a house.

For Davis.

Susannah Dumont . Davis came that morning for his money for mending the step; I bid him sit down; I do not know that he went down stairs.

Q. How many people breakfasted there that morning? how many cups and saucers were set for breakfast?

Dumout. Five or six.

Q. Did not you set eight?

Dumout. No; I might set five or six.

Hayward's Defence.

I took the house; I did not like it, so I took another house in Adam's-Court, in Bread-street; seven weeks before this happened I let it to John Palmer ; the maid that lived with me went afterwards to live with John Palmer , for my mother came out of the country to live with me, and I had no occasion for a maid; I discharged my baker, and bid him bring my bread to my house in Adam's-Court; I let the house for a guinea a-week; the morning these people were taken up I called for my rent; going along I had a little slip which had dirted me, so when I came in I desired some water and soap to wash me; I called for a pen and ink to write a receipt; Palmer was not then at home; just at this time Fielding's men came there.

For Hayward.

Susannah Dumont . Hayward came to our house that morning; he said he had slipt down, and asked for some soap and water to wash himself; he pulled off his coat to wash himself.

John Ellis . I am a baker; I served Hayward with bread when he lived in Fish-street; six weeks ago he ordered me to send the bread to him in Bread-street; he always paid me very well; he has a good character.

Q. Have you never heard him charged with any thing before?

Ellis. I have heard some charge about some bad halfpence.

Pickering's Defence.

I had some business with Mr. Bearblock; he had been a Grand Master of the Free-masons; I was master of the Lodge this year; a man had applied to me to be made a free-mason; I was not so well acquainted with the solemnities as Mr. Bearblock, therefore I applied to see him; I saw a man come out of the area of this house; I saw Heley take him, upon that I got over the rails into the area to satisfy my curiosity; I was sent to the Compter; being taken, I could not go on to Mr. Bearblock's at all.

For Pickering.

Thomas Townsend . I have known Pickering five years; he always had the character of an honest man.

Meetwood's Defence.

I was in company with Mr. Palmer a night or two before at a house in Shoreditch; I said I had a watch to repair; Palmer said if I came to him on Fish-street-hill he would get it repaired for me; I went, but Palmer was not at home; just as I got there Fielding's men came and took me, but I am perfectly innocent.

Meetwood called four witnesses, who gave him a good character.

Clark Bailey 's Defence.

I am a gunsmith , a servant to Mr. Peele; at half past eight Peele bid me go to No. 8. at Fish-street-hill, to know when Mr. Palmer would want his gun; accordingly I went and a young woman told me he was not at home, but she expected him every minute, and desired me to sit down; immediately Fielding's men came, and I ran down into the cellar.

Bailey called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

All seven guilty .

[Branding. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

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