17th February 1773
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297. (L.) JOHN PLUMB was indicted for stealing 7 lb. of pork, value 3 s. 2 lb. of pork sausages, value 14 d. one quarter of a guinea, and eight-pence halfpenny in money, numbered , the property of Edward Eaton . Jan. 19th . ~

Edward Eaton . I live in Bishopsgate-street within : I am a butcher . I was absent when the pork was lost.

Sarah Pring . The prisoner came to my master's (the prosecutor's) house on the 19th of January, and ordered a spring of pork, and two pound of sausages, to be sent to Broad-street; I went with him and took the spring or pork only then; when we came to Broad-street he took me to the back part of the South-Sea-house; then he took the pork from me and carried it up one pair of stairs, and bid me stay till he brought the tray; he came down and bid me fetch the sausages, and change for half a guinea; I went and fetched them; when I came to the house he met me in the passage, and said he was coming to seek after me; he asked me for the change and the sausages; I gave it him, he sent me up stairs, and said I should see the kitchen up stairs, and the cook would order some more sausages, and give me the half guinea; he said he had turkies a roasting; I went up stairs but found no kitchen there; then I perceived I was bit. He was taken on the Monday following.

Cross Examination.

Q. How do you know the prisoner is the man?

Pring. I went with him and took particular notice of him; he was in the same dress when he was taken as when he came first.

Prisoner's Defence.

I did not do any such thing; I know nothing about it.

Q. to Pring. He had no pork when he came down the last time?

Pring. No.

Q. What distance of time was there from your going home and returning?

Pring. I went as fast as I could; I was not above ten minutes.

For the Prisoner.

John Templeton . I have known the prisoner eight or nine years; I know nothing but what was just and honest by him; he was a cheesemonger; he failed as many have done, but paid his way as well as he could.

John Bunting . I have known the prisoner four years: he was a cheesemonger and behaved well; he was an honest just man; I do not know what he was afterwards.

Q. How long is it since he failed in business as a cheesemonger?

Bunting. A year and a half; since that he has been a porter.

Guilty . T .

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