3rd June 1772
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VerdictsGuilty; Guilty; Not Guilty
SentencesDeath; Death

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428, 429, 430. (1st. M.) THOMAS ADAMS , EDWARD JONES and FRANCES PALMER , spinster, were indicted, the two first for that they on the king's highway, on Abigail Harper , did make an assault, putting her in corporal fear and danger of her life, and stealing from her person a watch, the inside case metal, the outside covered with black shagreen, value 40 s. one black mode cloak trimmed with love, value 10 s. and one linen cap, value 1 s. the property of the said Abigail ; and the other for receiving the black mode cloak, well knowing it to have been stolen , May 16th . +

Hannah Sherman . I went with my mistress, Mrs. Abigail Harper , to Chelsea, on the 19th of May, and staid there till after nine o'clock; being a moon-light night she chose to walk home; she lives in Great Rider-street, St. James's. She is a single woman; and does not follow any business. Coming about thirty yards of this side the houses, opposite the first five fields of Chelsea , we were stopped by three footpads, Adams was one of them; he held a pistol to my head, and one put a pistol to my mistress's head, and said, your money, your money, madam! or I will blow out your brains.

Q Did both say that?

Sherman. Yes.

Q. Did you see which put the pistol to your head?

Sherman. Yes; it was a fine moon-light night; I said, gentlemen, we have got no money; he said if you have no money, you have something else: they then began to riffle my mistress's pocket, and took her watch; a third came up and untied her cloak, and made off towards Chelsea; it was a black mode cloak trimmed with love. My mistress is very ill and cannot attend.

Q. Did they take any thing from you?

Sherman. No; he had a cocked hat on; I believe the same cloaths; I took particular notice of his person. I saw the watch and cloak at Justice Fielding's (the things produced by William Howard , and deposed to by Sherman to be the property of her mistress.)

Cross Examination.

Q. It was about nine at night; consider one man may be like another; are you sure he is the man?

Sherman. I could swear to him among a thousand.

Jacob Laurence . I am a pawnbroker; Jones brought these things to my shop, on the 18th of May, in the middle of the day; one of my lads came and told me of it; I asked him whose it was; he said, his own; that his name was Andrews, and he was a journeyman jeweller in St. James's Street; he said he had had it some

time; I lent him 18 s. on it. I saw the watch advertised in the paper, No. 3333, being a remarkable number; I went to Sir John Fieldings , the third time I went, Jones was there, and I knew him to be the same person.

Peter Senhouse . After these men were taken, I went to search Elizabeth Siday 's room, and I found this watch chain there; (the chain produced and deposed to by Sherman.)

Q. Where was Siday's room?

Senhouse. In Holborn-court, Charlotte-street.

Elizabeth Siday . I live in Holborn-court, Charlotte-street; last Sunday night was fortnight, the 17th May, Adams, Waters, and Burton came to my room, and Waters asked if I had any thing to eat; (Adams and Burton were strangers to me; Waters brought some clothes) I told him I had some ribs of lamb, and set it on the table, and they had two pots of beer; Adams was sitting by the fire place; he took this chain out of his waistcoat pocket; then they were talking concerning a robbery they had done; but Adams said he had rather rob a man then a woman, for they were hard to rob; said he two of them ran away, but I was determined to have something, so I snatched her cloak off, and her cap came off with it.

Q. What are you?

Siday. I take in washing and any thing.

Court. Yes; three thieves and treat them with ribs of lamb.

Q. Was this chain left with you?

Siday. Yes; this gentleman took it out of my room.

William Howard . I was at Sir John's; I went to apprehend Frances Palmer ; I took this cloak from her back. She was apprehended at the Black Horse, Charing Cross; she said it was given to her by a young fellow that lay with her; she said she did not know his name; he was quite a stranger to her.

Frances Palmer . It was given to me by a young man.

Richard Burton . Adams, Jones, and I were going up towards the Five Fields, Chelsea, on a Saturday night, three weeks ago; we met two gentlewomen in the way and stopped them; we desired them to give us their money, they said they had no money.

Q Had you any pistols?

Burton. One, Adams had it; we took the watch and cloak away from them; Jones took the watch and Adams the cloak.

Q. Do you know Siday?

Burton. No.

Q. Do you know whether any of you held a pistol to the head of these people.

Burton. No; I looked another way to see if any body was coming.

Q. Were there two pistols?

Burton. No.

Q. to Sherman. Were there two pistols?

Sherman. I believe there was, it might be but one; but there was a pistol put to both our heads.

Q. Where did you go from?

Sherman. From a publick house in Broad St. Giles's; I don't know what street; it was just by the pound.

Adam's Defence.

Burton came and asked me to go with him to the fields; as soon as we got to the fields we met two women; Burton drawed back, took out a pistol, and claped it to the gentlewoman's head. I did not know what he was about, he ordered me to stop.

For Adams.

James Abrahams . I live in Duke's Street, Bloomsbury; I am a stay-maker, I have known him from a child; he went to the King's Arms inn, at Linster, when a little boy to be a waiter.

Q. Have you known him at London?

Abrahams. Only as he has called two or three times at my house.

George Kirkham . I am a glover in Oxford Road; I have known from a child; he bears a good character in the country.

William Burtoff . I have known him about seven months; he lived at Dobney's Gardens, near Islington; I have heard there that he bears a good character.

Thomas Fenton . I am a carver and gilder, and live at No. 52, in the Strand; Adams came to me as an under clerk the 8th of November, 1771. Mr. Burtoff gave him a character; he was with me till the 18th of January; he is a sober, honest young fellow; he was entrusted to receive and pay money for me; I always found him honest, sober and industrious, while he lived with me.

Q. How came he to leave your service?

Fenton. I sent him about some business, not returning so soon as he might have done, we had a few words, and I turned him away directly.

Elizabeth Harper . I live on Clerkenwell Green;

my husband is a buckle-maker; I have known him ever since he came to London; he has been in London above a twelve month; I never knew any thing amiss of him.

William Hudson . I live at No. 195, Holborn; I have known him from a child; I never saw him before since he came to London.

- Fenton. He worked for one of my men a fortnight or three weeks after he left my service.

For Jones.

William Wilby . I live in Bridewell Hospital: Jones is my apprentice; he had always behaved very well with me; he has served about four years of his time; he left my service about last Sunday three weeks.

Q. Did you give up his indentures?

Wilby. No, he absconded; I did not see him till he was taken up.

ADAMS, Guilty . Death .

JONES, Guilty . Death .

PALMER, Acquitted .

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