Thomas Goslin, Edward Gregory, Theft > theft from a specified place, Theft > grand larceny, 21st February 1770.

209. (M. 1st) Thomas Goslin was indicted for stealing an hundred pounds weight of lead, value 10 s. the property of Joseph Lisset , Esq ; fixed to a certain building, did rip, cut, break, &c. Feb. 21 . ++

John Lisset , Esq; I live in Golden-square, but this house of mine that has been robbed is in Old-street . I went up to the top of the house last Wednesday morning, and saw that lead had been cut away; it was taken from between two roofs, on a flat. When the prisoner was before the Justice he pretended he got in there to sleep.

Thomas Teesnel . I am a watchman: the watchman that was on that beat where this house is, came and told me he had heard something come thump in that house.

Q. What is the prisoner?

Teesnel. He is either a bricklayer or a labourer. We went to examine the house between the hours of two and three in the morning. We were obliged to get over the iron pallisades and break the boards at the window to get in. We found the prisoner concealed up in a corner in a wash-house. We secured him. I saw another man run across the top of the tiles; he got off. In the first floor we found two parcels of lead rolled up, near one hundred weight of it; and up two pair of stairs another parcel rolled up. We went upon the top of the house, and saw the place where the lead was taken from; then we took the prisoner to the watch-house.

John Jones . I am a watchman. I can say no more than what my brother watchman has said. I was at the taking of the prisoner, and finding the lead.

John Willson , another watchman, deposed the same.

Prisoner's Defence.

I had been at the King's Arms in Goswell-street, with an acquaintance, till near twelve at night; it was too late to go home. I saw the door and gate open of that empty house. I went in and laid myself down, and heard no noise till I heard the watchman's rattle; then I heard somebody up stairs at the time.

Guilty T .

( M. 1st.) He was a second time indicted with Edward Gregory , for stealing twelve silver coat buttons, value 12 s. one pair of leather breeches, value 12 s. one cloth waistcoat, value 10 s. and a garnet necklace, value 3 s. the property of Edmund Watkins , Feb. 19 . ++

Edmund Watkins . I lodge at the Roebuck and French Horn in Tothill-street . On Monday was a fortnight I went out into the country to do business, and did not return to lie in my lodging for a fortnight. I left the things laid in the indictment (mentioning them) in my lodgings. When I returned they were gone. Goslin lodged in the house on the same floor. The woman that cohabited with him used to make my bed, and my things used to be very safe, so I had not locked my door.

Eliz. Salmon. Goslin came and offered me this silver to sell. He said, a very reputable man sent him with it. (Producing an ingot.)

Q. to prosecutor. Did the prisoner Goslin confess any thing of taking the things; or that this silver is the buttons melted down?

Prosecutor. No.

Both Acquitted .

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