John Anning.
6th September 1769
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491. (M.) John Anning was indicted for forging and publishing a bill of sale, of David Mitchel , late belonging to the Verelst Indiaman, to Charles Meader , for 11 l. 11 s. 11 d. for wages due to the said David Mitchel , with intent to defraud the said Charles , June 29 . ++

Robert Chapel . I am in the Pay-Office belonging to the East-India Company. Here is a bill of sale, by which the prisoner sold his own wages, and another bill of sale, by which he sold the wages of David Mitchel . (Both produced in court.)

Charles Meader . I live at Bell-dock, in the parish of St. George, Wapping, and am a salesman . The prisoner made application to me, the 29th of June last, to sell his wages: he told me his name was David Mitchel , and that he belonged to the Verelst Indiaman. He desired me to get the account. I went to Mr. Reyment for the account. There was a young man in the office. I told him I applied to him on David Mitchel 's account, for the balance of his wages. I told him my name, who I was, and went home. The prisoner came to my house, and the bill of sale was executed that day. About five o'clock I filled up the bill of sale, and sent for Mr. Samuel Sorrel , and he and my kinswoman, Susanna Robinson , witnessed it. (He takes up the bill, signed David Mitchel .) This is it. The prisoner wrote the name David Mitchel on it. The money came to 11 l. 11 s. 11 d. I paid him the money, being discounted for poundage, as usual; that is, a shilling in the pound. I paid a shilling for the account, and a shilling to the door-keeper at the India-house. I think the discount came to about sixteen shillings. After I had seen him sign the bill, he took it in his hand and delivered it to me; then the two witnesses wrote their names on it. I believe it became due in about ten or twelve days after. I applied at the India-house and received the money. About an hour and a half after I got to my own house, David Mitchel sent down to me, to know what business I had with his wages. When I had an account from the pay-master, I went in pursuit of the prisoner, and he was taken on board his Majesty's ship the Quebeck, at Portsmouth, by means of a letter sent by Sir John Fielding . One of Sir John's men and Mitchel went down, and brought him up. He said but little before Sir John; he answered to the name of John Anning before Sir John. I recollected afterwards, that I had bought the prisoner's wages of him once before, and then he gave his name in John Anning . This was for the ship called the Deptford, two years before.

Susanna Robinson and Samuel Sorrel both deposed to seeing the prisoner sign the bill of sale, and delivered it: after which they wrote their names upon it.

The bill of sale read in court.

On the back of it,

"Received this 29th of June, 1769, of

" Charles Meader , the full sum of 11 l. 11 s. 11 d.

"by me,

" David Mitchel ."

"Witnesses Samuel Sorrel ,

" Susanna Robinson ."

David Baldack . I was third mate on board the Verelst East-Indiaman, Thomas Baddison, commander. We had one David Mitchel on board, a common seaman, and only one of that name. The prisoner is not that man: the prisoner was on board that ship, but his name is John Anning . ( David Mitchel stands up.) This is the man that served on board, by the name of David Mitchel .

Mrs. Cornwall. The prisoner used my house about two months ago: then he went by the name of Anning.

George Willson . I know the prisoner, his name is John Anning . I bought his wages of him for serving on board the Verelst. I know him very well.

Prisoner's Defence.

I did not execute that bill of sale. I am not the person.

He called John Webb , Jane Gray , Elizabeth Anderson , Agness Sinclare , James Frazer , John Thompson , and David Baldock , who said he was a sober man, and behaved honestly, both on board and on shore, exclusive of this affair.

Guilty . Death .

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