Patrick OHarra, John Barret, Michael Kenedy.
19th October 1763
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468, 469, 470. (M.) Patrick OHarra , John Barret , and Michael Kenedy were indicted for that they, on the king's highway, on Caspar Stoupson did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, and taking from his person one silver watch, val 3 l. one silver seal, val. 1 s. one brass key, val. 1 d. one steel hook, val. 1 d. a pair of silver shoe-buckles, val. 6 s. one hat, val. 5 s. one peruke, val. 5 s. and 1 s. in money, his property , Sept. 26 . *

Caspar Stoupson . I know OHarra, Barret, and the evidence. I had an order from my master to go and hire a man, I went, and coming home again there came four men, Folliott came upon me with a knife, and OHarra and Barret stood on my right side and took my watch and buckles, they amongst them took a shilling in money, and my hat and wig, one of them ran after the man that I had hired.

Q. from OHarra. Did you ever see me before?

Stoupson. No, never before that time.

Q. from OHarra. Then how came you by my nane?

Stoupson. That I heard before the Justice.

Barret. I am guilty of the crime, but neither, of these men (meaning his fellow prisoners) and, the evidence stopped him, and I robbed him, and I threw myself upon the mercy of the court

John Folliott . On the 26th of Sept. last I came from Deptford in the evening, at Saltpetre-bank I met OHarra and Kenedy, OHarra said, What chear? I said, Brave and hearty; said he, will you take a cruise? With all my heart, said I; they took me to a house on Saltpetre-bank, then we went through an alley in company with one Swinney, OHarra asked him to come with us, he is about 17 years of age, coming through a narrow passage towards Wellclose-Square, OHarra stopped a man, the man cried out, they knocked his hat off, and took it up, he making a noise we got off immediately, and went to the New Road; there was a man on horseback, I took him to be a bricklayer's labourer, OHarra and Kenedy pulled their knives out, and said, if he made any noise they would cut his throat; there was a gentleman coming along, the man on horseback called out, These men have robbed me; OHarra and Kenedy left the man on horseback, and came to Mr. Pitfield, and stopped him, and demanded his money, and while they were searching his pockets I took his watch, and left them; after that Kenedy came up, and said, Here is 2 s. which is all I have got; I said, I had his watch. OHarra came after me to a field towards Stepney, and pulled out a barber's hone, and some halfpence, and said, that was all he had got; then we went and drank in East Smithfield, from thence we went towards Saltpetre-bank, where we met another man; then OHarra and Kenedy brought Nonorkan, there were five of us then together; we went to the New Road, the first man that came past was the prosecutor, and another man with him, Barret ran up to him, and stopped him, I took his watch and buckles, Kenedy took his hat and wig, he gave me the wig, and the hat to Barret; another man coming past Barret immediately stopped him, and demanded his money with his knife drawn.

Q. What side was OHarra on to the prosecutor at the time you took the things?

Folliott. I believe he was the man that ran after the man that ran away.

Q. from Kenedy. How long have you known me?

Folliott. I never saw Kenedy before that evening, I have seen OHarra many times before, and drank with him after he was tried here last sessions.

Barret. I went with Folliott, he said he was going to raffle for a watch; we stopped two men on the New Road, Folliott gave me the hat; I cannot say that I ever saw the other two prisoners in my life, and this is the first crime that ever I committed.

Q. to the Prosecutor. Are you certain O'Harra was one of them?

Prosecutor. I am certain he was.

James Grief . I am turnkey to the Tower goal, the prosecutor came to our house the morning after the robbery, and told us he had lost his watch and buckles; in came a sailor and said, he had seen the watch, wig and buckles; he went out and soon returned and said, the man that had them was fast asleep; we went and took him, it was Folliott, he had the wig on, which the prosecutor swore to, I found the hook in his pocket, (producing it) he named Barret and O'Harra being with him, they were both at our door just before, but were gone away.

Q. Did he say any thing of Kenedy?

Grief. No, he did not then, but he did before the Bench of Justices, and two more that are not taken. When Barret was taken, he had the hat on, and the prosecutor swore to it. When we had got O'Harra, he said, Let me go along and be evidence, and by the Holy Ghost, I'll tuck them. Kenedy was desired to be evidence, he would not, and when he found the other was admitted, then he cry'd, and owned to the robbery.

Thomas Gordon . On the Monday night this robbery was committed, I was coming home, I heard a noise and was told, a man had been robbed; I went down and found Caen, he was put in my charge. The next morning the prosecutor came and said, he was none of the men; the next morning came a sailor and said, he believed he knew the men that did the robbery; I was at the taking the evidence, when he was asleep. After that we heard O'Harra and Barret went by the Tower-goal, we went into Muckle Roy's house, there we took them, the hat was found on Barret. On the Thursday following they were ordered to be re-examined, I said to Kenedy when at the Coach and Horses, White-chapel, you seem to be a young man, make yourself an evidence; he denied knowing any thing of the matter, Then Folliott came down, and we were ordered up; when Kenedy found Folliott was admitted evidence he cried, and said something to the men, what it was I

Barret's Defence.

I have nothing to say; I am guilty of the robbery, the others are not.

O'Harra's Defence.

I never was along with Folliot in my life.

Kenedy's Defence.

I am a stranger in town, I have not been long paid off his Majesty's ship at Chatham, I spent most part of my money there, and when I came up to town, I worked upon the river for honest bread; I know nothing about the affair than the child unborn, the evidence brings me in to save his own life; we are all sailors.

All three Guilty . Death .

See O'Harra tried No. 452 in the last Session's Paper, for robbing Abraham Green on the highway.

There was another indictment against O'Harra and Kenedy for robbing Mr. Pitfield.

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