Elizabeth Jones.
14th September 1763
Reference Numbert17630914-53
VerdictsGuilty > lesser offence; Guilty

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416. (L.) Elizabeth Jones , spinster , otherwise Elizabeth wife of - Jones , was indicted for stealing twenty-eight yards of printed cotton cloth, val. 6 l. 6 s. the property of John Cancellor , privately in the shop of the said John , Aug. 6 . ++

The prosecutor being out of town at the time it was taken, could only swear to the cloth as his property.

Thomas Rossiter Carter deposed, that he was apprentice to the prosecutor, who is a linnen-draper in the Poultry ; that on the 6th of Aug. between the hours of 6 and 7 in the afternoon, the prisoner came into the shop, and asked to see some printed linnen; that he shewed her some, they could not agree for price, and she went out; in about five or six minutes after he missed a piece of printed cotton from off a pile of Irish, and went out after her, and overtook her in St. Martin's le Grand; that he put by her cardinal, and saw a parcel tied up in a silk handkerchief, and seized them, and out fell the piece of cotton, a piece of muslin, and three pieces of silk handkerchiefs; that as he had called stop thief, the mob came to his assistance, he carried her to his master's house, and she was committed.

Being asked if any body was in the shop when she came in, said, the journeyman was serving two women on the other side the shop, and that one of the women went out before her.

Major Purslow deposed, that he saw the evidence endeavouring to pull the parcel from the prisoner, in St. Martin's le Grand; she appearing well dressed, he asked him by what authority he did so? he said, they were his master's goods; that he being a young man, he went to see that he got her safe to his master's house, and carried some of the pieces that fell out, and delivered them there; that though she had the appearance of a gentlewoman, by the time she got to Woodstreet-compter she began to swear and fight.

Thomas Thwates , the shop-man, deposed to the piece of cotton as his master's property, and that it was worth 6 guineas.

The prisoner, in her defence, said, after she was gone out of the shop a gentlewoman came up to her, and said, Madam, I saw you in such a shop, where I bought some things, will you be so good as to hold these things while I go to a necessary, which she did, and the young man came and charged her, and she supposed the woman saw it, and made off; that she told him she had received it of another woman, when he came to her and asked her for it.

Mr. Purslow, and Carter, denied she said any such thing.

She called Mary Benbow , Mary Child , Hannah M'Carty, and Elizabeth Hughes , who gave her a good character.

Guilty of stealing, but not privately .

(L.) She was a second time indicted for stealing four yards and three quarters of muslin, val. 28 s. the property of Charles James , privately in the shop of the said Charles , Aug. 6 . ++

Charles James . I am a linnen-draper , and live at the corner of Queen-street, Cheapside ; on Saturday in the afternoon, the 6th of Aug. about 4 or 5 o'clock, the prisoner came into my shop, and asked to look at some muslin, my apprentice served her; she bought a quarter of a yard, I changed her a 5 s. 3 d. piece, and she went out. My apprentice can give a farther account.

John Dearing . On the 6th of Aug. about 6 in the evening, a woman came into my master's shop, and wanted to see some yard-wide muslin; soon after came in the prisoner, and wanted to see the same sort; I shewed some to them both, the prisoner wanted a quarter of a yard, she had it, and paid for it; the other person wanted to see some handkerchiefs, and another customer coming in I called my master, he was in the compting house; he gave the prisoner change for a 5 s. 3 d. the prisoner went out of the shop, the other person bought a yard and one eighth; I did not miss the piece till after they were both gone. After that I was going down the Poultry, and seeing a mob at Mr. Cancellor's door I went in, Mr. Cancellor desired me to look at a woman there; (which was the prisoner I knew her directly; there was this piece of muslin, (producing it) my master's property.

Q. Is this a piece you shewed to the prisoner in your shop?

Dearing. No, it is not; I took it out to shew to the other woman?

Thomas Rossiter Carter. This piece of muslin was in the parcel that I found upon the prisoner at the bar, in St. Martin's le Grand, about half an hour after 6 o'clock.

Guilty . Death .

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