Mary Fountain, Theft > other, 14th January 1762.

Reference Number: t17620114-33
Offence: Theft > other
Verdict: Guilty
Punishment: Transportation
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85. (L.) Mary Fountain , spinster , was indicted for stealing three linen table cloths, eight napkins, three clouts, two pieces of cotton, two yards of lawn, one callico bed-gown. one cap, one pair of laced ruffles, one linen handkerchief, two yards of lace, one lawn apron, and five yards of dimmity, the property of Elizabeth Gibson , Widow ; one necklace and one lawn gown, the property of Elizabeth Fountain , spinster ; one silk and stuff gown, one pair of stays, one cloak, one sattin hat, one lawn apron, and one handkerchief , the property of Alexander Young , Jan. 9 . ++

Elizabeth Gibson . I keep a collar-maker's shop in Liquorpond-street . I had given the prisoner leave to be in my house about last Easter; but she had left it three months ago. One Saturday night last after I was gone to bed, my daughter and sister, who lay together, came down from their bed-room, and told me my drawers were stripped. I got up, and we got Richard Bennet and another person to search about, and in a garret the prisoner was found concealed under a bed, and the things mentioned in the indictment were bundled up in a table-cloth by her, which were taken out of the drawers. She said, there was a man with her, who had taken the things from their places, and had bundled them up. We searched all about, but could find no man in the House.

Elizabeth Fountain . I am daughter to Mrs. Gibson. I went to look for my night-cap, and found the drawers were stripped. My aunt Young was with me; we thought we heard a noise. We went to my mother, and then called in a neighbour or two [the rest as the former witness].

Ann Young gave the same account as the last. They all swore to the things mentioned in the indictment.

Richard Bennet deposed to the finding the prisoner under the bed, and the things bundled up.

The prisoner in her defence said, It is all right.

Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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