David Levi.
3rd June 1756
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249. (L.) David Levi was indicted for stealing one linen apron, value 1 s. 6 d. and one linen handkerchief, value 6 d. the goods of Ann Tinham , May 18 . ++

Thomas Hodges . I am Steward of Bedlam Hospital . The produced at the bar came there, as others do, to see the people, on the 18th of May last; he went through the wards about twelve or one o'clock. There was a young woman came down and said she saw him take the things mentioned in the indictment, which were the property of Ann Tinham , a lunatick patient. He was taken and secured (the apron and handkerchief produced in court, the apron mark'd A. F.) These things were taken upon the prisoner.

Cross examination.

Q. Have you not other patients in the hospital whose initial letters are A. T.?

Hodges. I know not but we have: But Ann Tinham came running to me, and said I am rob'd, what linen can I have to wear, I have lost my apron and handkerchief.

Q. Was there any mark upon the handkerchief?

Hodges. No, there was not. The prisoner confessed to me in the coach going along that he did take the things.

Richard Wright . I am porter to the hospital. On the 18th of May last one of the patients came to me, and desired I would stop the prisoner at the bar, saying he had stole something. I went and stop'd him before he got out, took the apron out of his pocket, and saw the handkerchief taken out by another person.

Cross examination.

Q. Do you know who took it out?

Wright. I believe it was one of the patients took it out, it was done in a hurry.

Q. Have you one Hannah Holford a patient in your hospital?

Wright. We have.

Q. What religion is she of?

Wright. She is a Jew.

Q. Don't you know the prisoner is the same?

Wright. I believe he is.

Q. Do you know that upon coming in he enquired for her?

Wright. He did not of me.

Q. Might not these things belong to Hannah Holford

Wright. No, they do not.

John Winder . I came up to the gate of the hospital just at the time there came a patient, named Freeman, following the prisoner, she said, from out of Ann Tinham's, room, and said he had got the things in his pocket then; we stopped him, and the things were found in his pocket.

Q. What account did the prisoner give of his coming by them?

Winder. He said Hannah Holford had given the things to him to sell for her: But that could not be, for she was then in her room chain'd and naked, and the room door locked.

Q. How do you know that?

Winder. I went to see immediately.

Guilty .

[Transportation. See summary.]

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