John Morley.
16th January 1752
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86. (M.) John Morley , was indicted for stealing one side of bacon, value 20 s. the property of Philip Freeman , Dec. 13 . ++

Philip Freeman . On the 13th of Dec. my servant got up about four o'clock, and came and told me he missed a side of bacon.

Q. How came you to take the prisoner up for it ?

Freeman. Because he had robbed me several times before; I charged an officer with him. After I charged him with taking it, he told me where it was; and he also owned it before the Justice.

Q. Have you got your bacon again ?

Freeman. It is here; it is a particular side of bacon.

Q. How particular?

Freeman. It is an old sow side; if you please to send it to be weighed, it weighs eight stone all but a pound. It was sold by one Mr. Larum, but it was not delivered; I had received the money for it, and after it was stole, I was obliged to return the money again.

Q. When had you seen it last ?

Freeman. I had seen it the day before it was lost in the afternoon.

Q. Was the prisoner your servant?

Freeman. I took him in out of the streets, and he was such a drunken fellow I was forced to part with him.

Q. Was he your servant at the time you lost the bacon ?

Freeman. No, my Lord, he was not.

Edmund George . About five weeks ago on a Friday, as I and James Rumbel were going to Smithfield, we met John Rumbel , and he asked me, if I knew where the prisoner lodged at Islington ; I could not desolve him in no shape; I and they went in search of him, and catch'd him in Mr. Pullin's yard, a cowkeeper, at Islington; we charged him with having taken this bacon, but he denied it; we took him to the prosecutor's house, there he said, if we would let him go, he'd tell us where the bacon was, then he told us it was in a barber's house at Islington; I think the man's name is William Shearson . We went and found it, as he said, covered over with a cloth. (Produced in court, cut in three pieces.) We went before the Justice, where he owned he took it before Mr. Freeman and myself.

Q. Did you hear any promise made of not prosecuting, if he would own it, at the time he was taken?

George. I did not, he would not own it when we took him; the two Rumbel's, he, and I, were all together; there came another man and said to him, you had better tell where the bacon is, maybe they'll let you go.

John Rumbel . I am servant to Mr. Freeman; my master desired me to go and see after the prisoner, he having lost a side of bacon; I was going up to Islington and met this last evidence and my brother; we went all together, found the prisoner, and charged him with having stolen the side of bacon. I left them with him and went and fetched my master. We took him back to the Justice's, and worn we were going from thence to New-Prison, on Wood's-close causeway, he told me, he throwed a side of bacon out of my master's lost, and that the barber had sold as much of it as came to 8 s. 4 d.

Q. Did he say it was that bacon which you saw at the barber's ?

Rumbel. No, it was another side.

James Rumbel . I saw the prisoner come out of the barber's shop, and I was talking to him when my brother came and clapped him on the back; when he was accused, he said, if we would let him go, he would tell us where the bacon was. I told him he should go and see my master first; upon which he went with us, and shewed us where it was; so us three and Mr Pullin went into the barber's shop together ; he said he took it between two and three in the morning, and acknowledged. it was Mr. Freeman's bacon; I heard him own the same before the Justice; he said he had cut it into three pieces before we saw it.

Prisoner's defence.

These men saw me go out of the barber's house I believe; they came to me and stopped me, and asked me, if I knew any thing of a side of bacon, stole from Mr. Freeman; I denied it to them, and they said I must go along with them to Mr. Freeman; going down to his house, Edmund George and James Rumbel said, if I would acknowledge where the bacon was, they would let me go, and say no more about it; I would not for a good while, till they made so many expressions about it, that I turned back and shewed them where it was.

Guilty .

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