Thomas Bavin.
14th October 1747
Reference Numbert17471014-14
SentenceCorporal > whipping

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395. Thomas Bavin was indicted for stealing on the second of September , one Looking-Glass, unfinished, with a Gilt Frame, value 25 s. and one Looking-Glass, with a Walnut-tree Frame, value 7 s. the Goods of James Ward , September the 15th .

James Ward . On the 15th of September my Wife and my Boy stood at St Andrew's Church-Gate, and they call'd and show'd him to me. They said, he is the Person we suspect that stole our first Glass from us. I said to my Apprentice, go you out four or five Doors up the Hill, and stand at a Distance, and see if he takes any Thing. The Prisoner cross'd the Way two or three Times; and he comes to the Picture Shop, the next Door, there he stood and look'd at the Pictures, and peep'd if there was any Body in my Shop; presently afterwards he goes by the Door, and a Person in the Kitchen said Mr Ward, There is your Chap gone by the Door. Accordingly my Wife whipp'd pretty fast along the Shop, and look'd over the Window, and miss'd this Glass. She put her Head out at the Door, and she saw him put the Glass under his Coat. She ran out of the Door, and took him by the Flap of his Coat, and cry'd out, Thief, Thief. Accordingly I ran out and seiz'd him by the Collar, and brought him in.

Q. When you went to him, what was he doing?

Ward. He was putting of it under the Flap of his Coat. When I brought him into the Shop, I said, Have I caught you at last? I charg'd him with the other Glass. He said, he knew nothing of the Matter; nor he did not design to steal this, but took it down to wipe the Dust off. Accordingly I sent for an Officer, and carried him before the Sitting Alderman at Guildhall. There he confess'd he took it, and he was committed to Newgate. He sent for me to Newgate, and desir'd me to show him all the Favour that I could. I said you had have got another Glass of mine, and how can you expect any Favour from me? He confess'd he stole another Glass the second of September, and sold it in Moorfields. The Value of this Glass was 7 s. and the Value of the other 25 s. that was unfinish'd. According to his Direction I goes to the Broker, and found the Glass, and I ask'd him the Price of it. He ask'd 20 s. for it. I said the Glass was my Property, and if you will not send it home I will get a Warrant. The Broker is one John Hollows , on this side the Brown Bear in Moorfields, and he gave but Half a Guinea for a Glass that I had sold for 25 s. Whilst I was gone for Advice about it, and come back again, the Broker said, he had sold the Glass for 15 s. I apprehend some of the Prisoner's Friends goes and buys that Glass, because it should not be a Witness against him. More than that, there was a Person along with me, to compound these Things. This Evidence was confirm'd by Sarah Ward , the Wife of the Prosecutor, and Joseph Drakit , his Apprentice.

Thomas Paletharp , William How , Daniel Watkins , William Smith , Nahum Staveh , and Mary Proctor , all gave the Prisoner a good Character. The Prisoner deny'd the Fact, but there was not the least Appearance of Innocence in his Case.

Guilty .

[Whipping. See summary.]

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