Samuel Mecum, Eleanor Mecum.
3rd September 1746
Reference Numbert17460903-35
VerdictNot Guilty

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320. Samuel Mecum and Eleanor Mecum were indicted for stealing out of the Dwelling-House of John Kent , two Silk Handkerchiefs, three Dozen of Worsted Stockings, four Pair of Thread, and four Pair of Cotton, one Pair of Sky-blue, six Pewter Plates, a large Pewter Dish, &c. the Goods of the said John Kent , the 20th of April .

Q. (to John Kent ) Where do you live?

Kent. In Shoreditch . I am a Stocking-frame Knitter .

Q. Do you know either of the Prisoners at the Bar?

Kent. I did not know them, Sir, 'till after I was robb'd; there is one Nathaniel Harris a particular Evidence, and he is a Debtor here in Niwgate

Q. Was your House at any Time robbed?

Kent. The 20th of April I got up and found my House robbed.

Q. Did you leave all your Doors fast?

Kent. The last Thing I did I went and boked the Window and Doors, and every Thing myself: I thought I heard something in the Night, but I thought it was one of my Children.

Q. What Time did you get up in the Morning?

Kent. Between Five and Six o'Clock my Wife and I got up; my Wife came down first, and as she was coming down, says she our Windows are open; I said it might be my Boy that is gone to School, but says she here is your Chest gone; then I said I am ruin'd for ever, for there were 29 Pair of Hose, that were none of my own.

Q. Did you miss any other Things?

Kent. Yes, six Pewter Plates, a large Pewter Dish: There were in the Chest two Silk Handkercheif; there was my Pocket Book, but it was not put into the Indictment, nor a Quarter of the Things; there were three Dozen of Worsted Stockings, four Pair of Cotton, and four Pair of Thread, all these were in the Chest locked up; there was a five Pant Copper Sauce-Pan, and a very particular Pair of Hose, Sky-colour'd blue.

Q. Where did you find your House broke open?

Kent. In the Window; there was a Plate of Iron a with seven Nails. This Plate of Iron was wrenched of; they endeavoured to take down the whole Frame of the Window; the next Day after I advertised, I found one of the particular Sky-coloured Stockings that were in my Chest.

Q. What Clocks had they ?

Kent. Gold-coloured Silk Clocks.

Court. You say you met with one Stocking again.

Q. What do you know of the Prisoner at the Bar?

Kent. Mr. Archer Petcht and Mr. Body went to search Mecum's House, and there they found this Stocking; Mr. Body has this Stocking.

Court. Then you know nothing more than what they told you?

Kent. Please you, my Lord, I had a Jealousy of this Man by the Intelligence that was given me of his being in Disguise Dresses, and carrying Goods by my House, &c. by Reason of which I had a Warrant. My Lord, I have liv'd 26 Years in the Parish, and served an Apprenticeship in the Parish.

Court. You appear to be a very honest Man, and need mention nothing of this to support it.

Q. (to William Thomson ) What are you?

Thomson. A Frame-work Knitter.

Q. What do you know of the Prisoner at the Bar?

Thomson. I am a Servant to Mr. Kent; that particular Pair of Sky-blue I made for Mr. Kent about last March; they were to be embroider'd with Gold Clocks afterwards.

Q. Did you see them after the Gold Clocks were put in ?

Thomson. Yes, I am sure 'tis the same, Mr. Body has it ?

Q. (to William Body ) What have you to say against the Prisoner with Respect to this particular Fact ?

Body. My Lord, I have nothing to say any more but this, that this John Kent came to Justice Hole for a Search Warrant, upon which I got two or three Friends with me, and beset the House of the Prisoner at the Bar; it was between Eight and Nine o'Clock on Sunday Morning: When we had beset the House, one Harris, a Prisoner now for Debt in Newgate, got over the Wall, and collar'd the Prisoner; we were forced to break the Windows and Shutters to come to his Assistance, for the Man and Woman were both upon him. When we got in I told them we had a Search Warrant. Harris got this Stocking, which he deliver'd to me, and He believed the Woman put the Fellow to it down the Va; this one Stocking he found in the one Pair of Stairs Room.

Q. Had you any Thing more?

Body. We took a great many more Things, which by the Justice's Order are secur'd in a Trunk at Bridewell, but none of the Things are yet own'd, except this particular Stocking.

Q. (to John Kent .) Is this one of your Stockings?

Kent. My Lord it is; I was to have had 6 s. for the Stockings; but the Gentlewoman complain'd they were too big for her.

Q. (to Eleanor Mecum the Prisoner.) What have you to say in your Defence?

Mecum. Please you, my Lord, my Husband knows nothing of it; if this Stocking is the same, it is what I had with some old Cloaths; I buy and fell Things in Rag-Fair.

Q. (to Susannah Pool .) What have you to say?

Pool. My Lord, she is a Partner of mine in buying and selling old Cloaths. She had this Stocking of a common Dealer that had bought three Childrens Frocks, a Pound and half of Linnen Rags, and three or four odd Stockings.

Samuel Mecum was cast for Transportation, and Eleanor Mecum acquitted .

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