Eleanor Keith, Mary Field.
9th April 1746
Reference Numbert17460409-1
VerdictGuilty > theft under 40s; Guilty

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130, 131. Eleanor Keith , and Mary Field , Accessory, indicted for stealing a Woman's Changeable Unwarer'd Petticoat, Value 20 s. a Water'd Tabby Night-Gown , Value 40 s. one Cloth Short Cloak, Value 5 s. one Yard of Check'd Cotton , the Goods of James Matthews , the 3d Day of March .

Q. (to Mary Matthews .) What do you know of this Matter, that Eleanor Keith is charg'd with?

Mathews. I lost my Things the 3d of March; Keith confess'd to me that Mary Field had dispos'd of them.

Q. Where did you take Field?

Mathews. In White-Lion-Street, in a Cellar.

Q. Where is your House?

Matthews. In Orange-Court in Holbourn. I went the next Day and found my Cloak at Mr. Crew's a Pawnbroker; the next Day I took up Mary Field; she and Keith confess'd the Fact before Sir Thomas De . Veil, and sign'd their Confession.

Q. Then you know nothing of these Things of your own Knowledge, but what they confess'd?

Matthews. No.

Hannah Brooks . I work with Mrs. Matthews, and I went with her to Mr. Crew's, the Pawnbroker, where the Prisoner confess'd the Suit of Cloaths were pawn'd.

Q. (to Hannah Brooks .) Did the Prisoner make any Confession before they went to Justice De Veil's?

Brooks. No, my Lord.

Q. Where did you find the Cloaths?

Brooks. They were in pawn in Bow-Yard. The Cloaths were produced in Court.

Court. (to the Prosecutor.) You say they sign'd their Confession before Justice De Veil; his Clerk is here, and he says they did not sign their Confession.

Q. (to Brooks.) What was it you heard Keith the Prisoner say?

Brooks. She said that Mary Field carried the Things to pawn to this Gentlewoman for a Guinea and a Half.

Q. What did Mary Field say?

Brooks. She said she had spent Half a Guinea of the Money.

Q. (to the Prosecutor.) Where did you lose these Things?

Brooks. Out of a Parlour in my House in Orange-Street.

Q. (to Keith.) Would you ask these Women any Thing.

Keith. No, my Lord.

Q. (to Mary Trigger , Pawnbroker) What do you know of these Things? Give an Account of them.

Trigger. Please you my Lord, Mary Field brought the Gown and Petticoat to me to Pawn; she had liv'd with Mrs. Owen, she had been at our Shop several Times.

Q. When was it she brought them Things?

Trigger. The 3d of March.

Q. What is this Field?

Trigger. My Lord she liv'd, as I thought, with Mrs. Owen, a Servant.

Q. What is Mrs. Owen?

Trigger. She buys Things out of Pawn and sells them again. I never saw any Thing of this Mary Field but what was very honest.

Q. (to - Crew. Pawnbroker) what have you to say to the Prisoner, Eleanor Keith .

Crew. The Girl Eleanor Keith , pawn'd a Cloak to me the 3d of March, for 3 s.

Q. (to Matthews) Is that the Cloak you lost out of the Parlour with the Things?

Matthews. Yes, my Lord.

Q. (to Matthews) What Time did you loose these Things?

Matthews. Between Seven and Eight o'Clock in the Evening.

John Gelashy . I keep a Publick House. On the 3d of March Mrs. Matthews's Daughter came to my House, she order'd half a Pint of Ale, and wanted Change for a Shilling. I could not give Change then, but went to her House afterwards and found the Door open, and she said she fear'd she was robb'd: Accordingly it was so, she desir'd I would go with her to the Pawnbrokers. I found Keith in a Cellar by the Seven Dials, and she acknowledg'd before Justice De Veil, she had taken the Gown and Petticoat from Mrs. Matthews, she acknowledg'd that one went in at the Door, and the other receiv'd it from her; whereupon Sir Thomas admitted Mary Parsons as an Evidence; she confess'd the Gown and Petticoat were at Mrs. Owen's House by the Seven Dials.

Court. (to the Prisoner, Eleanor Keith ) In the first Place, what have you to say for yourself ?

Prisoner. Mary Parsons ask'd me if I would go with her to her Husband, whereupon I went out unknown to my Mother, and she went to this Gentlewoman's House (the Prosecutor) and brought out these Things, and desir'd I would carry them for her.

Q. (to the Prisoner, Mary Field ) Mary Field , what have you to say for yourself.

Prisoner. Please you my Lord I pawn'd the Suit of Cloaths for a Guinea and a Half. I own'd that I had pawn'd them, and shew'd the Constable where they were.

Q. Who had you those Goods of that you pawn'd; who gave them to you?

Prisoner. Mary Parsons .

Q. Have you any Witnesses?

Prisoner. No, my Lord, I have been a Servant from twelve Years of Age.

Keith Guilty 39 s. Mary Field Guilty , accessary to the said Felony.

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