John Jack.
16th October 1745
Reference Numbert17451016-18
VerdictGuilty > theft under 40s
SentenceMiscellaneous > branding

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382. + John Jack *, of the Precinct of St. Catharine's , was indicted for stealing six guineas,

the property of Elizabeth Stutwell and George Dent , in the dwelling-house of Elizabeth Stutwell and George Dent , Oct. 11 .

*He was tried in the mayoralty of Sir Robert Willimott , Knt. by the name of Abraham Benjamin , for stealing four moidores out of a money shovel in the shop of Henry Sheere , a goldsmith in Lambard Street , and aquitted. See April Sessions Paper in that mayoralty , Numb. IV. Part II. page 159.

N. B. The Prisoner being a Turky Jew , and pretending not to understand English, an interpreter was sworn.

Elizabeth Stutwell . The Prisoner came to my house and Mr. Dent's (my partner) at cole wharf in St. Catharine's between eleven and twelve in the forenoon, and said he wanted six sacks of coals, but did not ask the price . He pulled out a handkerchief, in which there seemed to be a pretty deal of money, pulled out a 36 s. piece, and wanted change, and said he must have the change in half guineas. I had a bag of money, and in order to give him change I went up stairs, and he came up stairs after me. I poured the money into my lap, and the Prisoner put his hand into my lap, and took out a handful of guineas. I seized his hand, and made him drop them, and several fell upon the ground : said I, you villain, do you come to rob me at noon day? I desired my servant to stop him till I could tell the money, and I missed one guinea; and he offered me the guinea again. He was taken on Butler's wharf, and I carried him before Justice Dennett , and he offered the guinea then.

Jury. How did you understand him?

Stutwell. He spoke broken English: I am certain he did not want change, because he had 3 l. 10 s. in silver, thirteen guineas, and other money: when he came to me he spoke pretty good English, but when he came to Justice Dennett's he could not understand any English at all.

Hyam Aaron sworn.

Q. Do you know the Prisoner?

Aaron. My Lord, I have something else to say before I come to that. I happened accidentally to come this way. I keep a grocer's shop in Shoe-maker Row, and I believe deal in 900 or 1000 l. a year: I deal in oil, sand, and coals . I went to a wharf to get a load of sand, there was a little side box, and who should sit there but this gentlewoman [Mrs. Stutwell.] I asked her what the sand was a load; she said seven shillings; I said I gave no more than six shillings for white, and six shillings and six pence for red: she got up, and said, get down you Jew son of a bitch, and offered to knock me down, so I went to the next wharf. Ask her, if she did not serve me so; and if you will enquire into my character, there are enough here that know me. Now I come to the matter. I have known the Prisoner about four years, and have dealt with him for more or less; and I believe I have as good a shop as most people. He first bought necessaries for himself of me, and when he set up a little shop for himself, he bought goods of me.

Zipporah Silver . I have known him between four and five years, he lived in our neighbourhood, and behaved very honestly : I have sold him several parcels of goods to go to Jamaica. I am a hoop petticoat maker. Give me leave to speak something in the Prisoner's behalf: when the gentlewoman took the Prisoner up, she charged him with no more than a guinea, and now she charges him with six guineas.

Solomon Aaron . I sell Birmingham ware ; the Prisoner has dealt with me three years, and has paid me as honestly as the day is long. I never knew any thing but justice and honesty by him Guilty to the value of twenty shillings .

[Branding. See summary.]

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