Griffith Merrick, John Davis.
29th June 1743
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310, 311, Griffith Merrick and John Davis , of St James. Clerkenwell , were indicted for stealing 4 Holland Shirts, val. 12 s. one Callico Apron, val. 2 s. and one Linnen Table Cloth, val. 2 s. 6 d. the Goods of David Avery ; one Shirt, the Goods of James Newton ; a Callico Apron, the Goods of John Warren ; a Silk Gown, two Callico Handkerchiefs, and an Apron, the Goods of Mary Malkin . June 7.

Mary Malkin . I live in Woods-Close , and take in Washing; I lost these Things the 7th of June; I saw Griffith Merrick run out of the House, and I cried out stop Thief.

Nathan Marvin . I saw the two Prisoners run out of Mrs Malkin's House; the little one (Merrick), was the hindermost; I saw something white hang out of his Apron, like Linnen; upon that, I followed him, and cried out stop Thief; and kept both of them in my Eyes as far as the Turnpike; and Merrick threw something out of his Lap into the Channel; I looked up again, and kept Davis in my Sight, and run after him; and in the Middle of the Causeway he threw something out of his Lap into the Field; there happened to be a Man there, who heard me cry out stop Thief; and he gave him a push on one Side, into the Yard belonging to Spencer's Breakfasting-House; that Man took hold of him by the Flap of his Coat, and another Man took him by the Collar : we then brought him back to the House, and, he said, he knew nothing of the Matter; Merrick was then taken; and, he said, he knew nothing of the Matter; but, I said, I would make him know.

Merrick. Ask what Cloaths I had on then.

Marvin. He had grey Cloaths on then, and a blue Apron; and the other had the same Cloaths he has now, and a blue Apron.

Ann Powers . I saw Merrick throw some Linnen into a Ditch behind the Turnpike-House; and Wakely took it up.

John Wakely . I am a Collector belonging to the Turnpike; I heard a Cry of stop Thief; the Prisoners came up in blue Aprons, as if they had been Poulterers; and Merrick threw the Linnen into a Ditch; I took it up, and a Gown, which Mrs Malkin owned to be her's, was in that Bundle; I followed him as far as the Dear Garden, and endeavoured to collar him; I lost my hold, and he got away: I saw Davis running, with a good deal of something in his Apron, which I took to be Linnen, he threw it into a Ditch.

William Hall. I heard a Cry of stop Theif; I saw Mrs Malkin come out of her House: I saw the Prisoners run; and Mr Marvin pursued them: I I saw some Linnen lie in a Ditch, and Merrick run into my Lord Cobham's; and I saw some Linnen on the other Side of the Bank. I followed Mr Marvin and Davis up to Sadlers Wells; Marvin and Flowers had hold of him before I got up to them - I did not see him throw away the Linnen: Davis struck me, and was very loth to go with us.

Thomas Flower . As I was coming along, Mr Marvin cried stop Thief; and was pursuing Davis; and Davis cried stop Thief, stop Thief; I said hold of him; says he, Do not stop me, for I am running after two Boys, who have pushed a Woman's Stall down; he gave me a push on the Side

Richard Woodhouse . I saw Davis running with something in his Apron, and throw some Linnen out of his Apron into a Ditch; when so done, Mr Marvin followed him, and cried out, stop Thief; no Body stopped him, till he came to the Top of

the Causeway; and he said, You Dog, what do you mean by stopping of me, I have done no Harm - I cannot swear to the Linnen that Davis threw out of his Apron.

Flowers. I saw it took up in the Ass Field.

William Picket . I saw Davis run, and another Man after him; I stopped him, and he said he was running after 2 Boys who had thrown down a Woman's Stall; said he, I have done nothing amiss, what do you stop me for then? the rest came up and secured him.

Merrick. We went out with a Design to wash, and as soon as we turned into the Field, 2 Men said we had robbed somebody of some Linnen; we were only running after 2 Boys who had thrown a Woman's Stall down. - My Father and Mother live at Brentford

Richard Hippesley. I keep a publick House, the Sign of the White Hart in Old Brentford : Merrick lived with me 5 or 6 Weeks; he came from me the 5th of this Month; I would not have had him have left me but he did not care to stay. - He behaved honestly to me. - I have heard he has some Relations at Brentford, but I never saw them.

John Merrick . I live next Door to the last Witness; the Prisoner has been at Work for me sometimes, when he had nothing to do for his Master: I have known him 2 or 3 Months.

Hippesley. I have known the Boy 11 or 12 Weeks, he lodged with me some Time before he was my Servant.

Elias Parkins . I live at Brentford, near the White Hart; he has been at Work Day after Day, and trusted with a House where there has been a great deal of Plate: I never heard he wronged any Body, or ever had a bad Character. - I carry Coals for the Prince, and stack his Wood: There has been Plate lay about in Plenty, and he never touched any of it.

Sarah Fetherston . I knew Davis when he was an Apprentice to his Father; - he made Pies.

Jeremiah Burton and Jane Buckley . Never heard any Ill of him. Both Guilty .

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