Alice Burk, Alice Burk.
13th April 1743
Reference Numbert17430413-6
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty > theft under 1s

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187. Alice Burk of St Brides , was indicted for stealing one China-Bason, val. 14 d. the Goods of Charles Vere , March 23 .

Charles Vere . The Prisoner came into my Shop the 23d of March, and asked to see some China-Basons, and bid Money for one; and as the Person that served her looked another Way, she took an Opportunity, as it is imagined, to conceal one under her Cloak; she went to the next China-Shop to see some Plates, and while the Person that served her went to take some Things off the Shelf, she took a China-Dish. My Bason was found upon her; my Neighbour came to me, and asked me, If she had bought a China-Bason of me: I said, No: says he, I took this Bason from her. - This is my Bason; here is my own Hand-writing upon it; I am sure I had it in my Shop that Day.

William Casebury . I took a China-Bason out of the Prisoner's Bundle; this looks very much like that Bason, I believe it to be the same; it is the same Pattern. -

Q. How came you to take it from her?

William Casebury . I live with Mrs Ashbourner, who keeps a China-Shop not far from Mr Vere's: We were all at Dinner except my Mistress, who was in the Shop; the Prisoner had stole a Dish, and my Mistress had taken it from her; I followed the Prisoner to see if she had got any Thing else; she had a Bundle along with her; I think it was under her Arm; I desired to see what was in it; I looked into her Bundle and saw this Bason, and took it out of her Bundle; she came back along with me, or the Mob brought her after me, I am not certain which; when she came into the Shop, our Man turned up the Bason and saw this Gentleman's Mark upon it, for he knows his Mark.

Charles Vere . I have locked this Bason up ever since, and Casebury told me, when he delivered it to me then, that he took it out of her Bundle.

Prisoner. I went into the City to buy something, and went into this Gentleman's Shop, and asked to see some China-Basons; he shewed me two Basons; I asked him the Price; he said, he sold them generally for 18 d. but I should have One at 17 d. I bid 14 d. and afterwards 14 d. Half-penny, and came out of the Shop; - it was not this Gentleman that served me; and as I went down the Street, I met two Acquaintance of mine, who were going to the other End of the Town; there was a China-Woman coming by, and I bought this Bason of her, and gave her 15 d. for it, and she had one Plate which was like that: Pray do not you sell these to the People who sell China about the Streets?

Vere. Very frequently; but I had not sold any to them that Day.

Catherine Mackenzie . I had been at Tower-Hill, visiting a Friend of mine, who was ill. and was going to the other End of the Town, and met this Alice Burk , in Fleet-street, a little beyond the Fleet-Market; I asked her, how she did, and how her Children did, and told her, I was glad to see her; and that I had some Work for her, and desired her to come to me; and as I was talking to her, this Basket-Woman came by with some China, and the Prisoner asked her, if she had any Enamelled China; and the Woman shewed her this Bason; she asked her the Price of it; she said the selling Price was 15 d. and that she would take no less: Said I, Alice, do not buy any China To-day, for you are a little disguised, and you will break them; I saw her pay 15 d. for the Bason and desired

her not to buy any more, but she said she must, and then I left her.

Q. What Day was this?

Mackenzie. It was this Day three Weeks. - It was a blue and white Landskip, with a blue Spot at the Bottom, (the Bason was produced, and she was asked whether that was the Bason) it was this Pattern, but I cannot swear to the Bason. - It was such a Pattern, white on the Inside, with a little blue at the Bottom as that is.

Ann Tipper . I was coming from Tower-Hill with this Gentlewoman (Mrs Mackenzie) and met Alice Burk in Fleetstreet, she said she was going to buy some China; I told her she had better let it alone till another Time, but she said she must do it for Fear of disobliging a Friend; and she bought a Bason of a Woman who had some China in a Basket.

Q. Is that the Bason?

Tipper. It was this Pattern. (This Evidence did hardly look at the Bason).

Mary Innys . I have known the Prisoner these three Years, she has worked with me a Year and an half at a Time, at Quilting and Mantua-Making , and worked from six to six. I have trusted her with valuable Silks, and other Things, and she never wronged me of any Thing. I never knew her to wrong any Body of a Half-penny. On the 23d of March, she came to me for fourteen Shillings that I owed her. She said she was to buy some China for a Person, for she had broke some, and was obliged to make it good, and I gave her a Glass of Wine and paid her.

Peter Murphy . I have known the Prisoner between four and five Years, and know her to be an industrious Person, who gets up early to work. I never heard any Ill of her.

Mr - . The Prisoner, when she was at her Liberty, was a Lodger of mine, and behaved honestly and honourably in my House; she has looked after my Wife in Lyings-in. I have trusted her with all I am worth, and she never wronged me of any Thing. I know her to have worked hard for her Living. - I am a Carpenter and Undertaker.

Jury to Mr Vere. Did not you sell any Basons of that Kind that Day?

Vere. No Bason of that Kind was sold that Day either by me or my Servants.

Court to Mackenzie. Can you swear that is the Bason you saw her buy that Day?

Mackenzie. No, I cannot.

Fortman of the Jury. I desire to know the Character of those two Women who were the two first Witnesses, where they live, and what Business they follow?

Mackenzie. I am a Milliner by Trade, and live in Tower-street, facing a Cheese-Monger's. - I have lived there ever since before last Christmas. - There is a Silk-Soowerer lives at next Door. - I do not keep a Shop, I work in my own Apartment; my Sister and I live together.

Q. Whose House is it at?

Mackenzie. He dresses Dolls for the Shops. - I do not know his Name. I am so frightened I can hardly speak.

Mrs Innys. She lives in Black-Swan-Court now; it is in Mr. Reed's House Guilty .

+ Alice Burk was a second Time indicted for stealing a China Dish, val. 10 s. the Goods of Hannah Ashbourner , in her Shop , March 23 .

Hannah Ashbourner . On the 23d of March, the Prisoner at the Bar came into my Shop, and asked for some enamelled China Plates. I turned my Back to her, and took some off the Shelf; I showed them her, and told her the Price; she said they were a great deal too dear; I told her I could not take much less. She said she must have them cheaper, for she had broke three of a Gentlewoman's Plates, and that the Gentlewoman said they cost her 4 s. said I, you had better give the four Shillings to the Person; she stood humming and hawing and would not stir; said I, Good Woman, you had better go away; says she, look a little farther; said I, Prithee go about your Business, and I espied under her Arm something of China; thinks I, she may have been somewhere else and bought some. When she was got two or three Steps from the Counter, said I, Mistress, What have you got there? So I took hold of her, and saw my own Dish. I was almost frightened to Death. Said I, Oh, you Bold Face, you have got my Dish. I called up my Servant, and said, This Bold-Face has stole my Dish. She wanted to put the Dish down; I took the Dish from under her Arm; she had a short Cloak over it. I was glad to get my Dish, and I let her go. Says some Body, have you lost nothing else? Says the Boy, I will run after her and see; so he went over the Bridge as far as the Pastry-Cook's; says he, I am come to see whether you have any Thing else of my Mistress's; and she and the Bason were brought back to my Shop.

Prisoner. The Dish lay upon the Counter; I did take the Dish up in my Hand, but with no Intent to steal it, or of covering it, but my Short-Cloak fell down over it, and the Gentlewoman thought I

was going to steal it; says she, What are you going to steal my Dish? and took it from me. There are three or four Ladies of Quality that I lived with, but they are out of Town, or they would have come to give me a Character. Guilty 4 s. 10 d .

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