Thomas Ruby.
14th May 1741
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13. Thomas Ruby , of St. Giles's in the Fields , was indicted for breaking and entering the Dwelling-house of John Tucker , between the Hours of 1 and 2 in the Night with Intent the Goods of the said Tucker to steal &c . April 28 .

John Tucker . I keep the Angel Inn in St. Giles's . On the 28th of April between 12 and 1 in the Morning my Servant informed me that the Watchman had found Thieves breaking into my Cellar, but they had made it secure again. I got up and search'd about the House to see if any body was concealed, but found no body. My Man got up again between one and two, and cry'd out Murder! Thieves! and ran about the House to alarm us, and presently afterwards hearing a second Noise, of some body in the Kitchen, I got up, and opened my Window, and called a-cross the Yard: immediately I saw a Man run along the Yard, and he limped with his right Leg, by which I was certain it was the Prisoner, who some Time before this had been my Servant. My Ostler hearing the Noise got up, and I desired him to lay hold of the Prisoner, but he not hearing what I said, the Prisoner made his Escape. After this I got a Candle, and in my Kitchen found the Prisoner's Hat, Shoes, case Knife and penknife, and an Iron Fly belonging to a gaming Table, all which he owned to be his before the Justice. The Day after this I got a Warrant to take the Prisoner on Suspicion, and met him in Drury-Lane. I took hold of him and said, are you here Tom? he made no Reply, but said, I hope Master you will forgive me. I told him as he had broke into my House, I could not forgive him, and he said he would ask ten thousand Pardons if I would excuse him. I kept him fast by the Hand and led him into a Public House, and gave him into the Custody of a Headborough. When we were at the Alehouse he owned that he broke into the House between one and two o'Clock, but said he came for Victuals. He confess'd the same before the Justice, and begged very hard for his Hat, for he had none to wear.

Samuel Digner . On the 28th of April, just as the Watchman was crying the Hour of twelve, he knocked at the Door, and told me some Thieves were breaking in at the Cellar Window: I got up, and li't a Candle, and the Watchman and I went into the Cellar to fasten the Windows, which were wrenched open wide enough for a Dog to get in. I am positive they were fast when I went to Bed,

and when I got up and found them open, I could not shut them again, but 2 Watchmen coming by assisted me, and then I carried the Key up Stairs to my Master, and went to Bed again. In a little Time afterwards, hearing a sort of a rustling, I went into the Kitchen , and saw a Man which I verily believe was the Prisoner, stand up at the Cupboard . I cried Thie ves! Murder! and ran to lay hold of him, and immediately he ran out at the Window. I went up Stairs and alarmed the House, and this Iron Fly and the other Things were afterwards found in the Kitchen.

Prisoner. Did he see me in the Kitchen?

Digner. I verily believe he was the Person that I saw go out of the Window.

Thomas Claring . I happened to be out and met Mr. Tucker in St. Giles's, and he desired me to go with him to see for the Prisoner. Accordingly I went to the Prisoner's House, but he not being at Home, we went to an Alehouse over the way, and in a few Minutes the Prisoner was brought in. He confess'd that he attempted to break Mr. Tucker's Cellar Door, but being disturbed, he went into a Stone Cutter's Yard, got over the Wall and broke in backwards at the Kitchen Window. After this I carried him into a back Room, and there he delivered some Implements for Gaming to his Wife, and when I carried him before Mr. De Viel , the Iron Fly and the other Things were produced and he owned them to be his, and that he left them in Tucker's Kitchen.

Prisoner. I was almost starved with Hunger, and went to Mr. Tucker's with a view of getting some Victuals, thinking I could be bolder there than at another Place. Guilty Death .

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