16th January 1740
Reference Numbert17400116-19
VerdictGuilty > theft under 1s
SentenceCorporal > whipping

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103. + was indicted for stealing 47 lb of Iron Hoops, Value 5 s. 10 d. the Goods of Benjamin Trueman , Esq ; John Denn , and Francis Cooper , in their Shop , January 3 .

Mr Trueman. I can only say the Hoops which are charged upon the Prisoner, were mine and my Partners Property, and were taken out of my Yard. I can't say I missed any, but here's a Witness saw him take them out of the Yard.

Jonathan Trott . About 10 or 12 Days ago, I bought 12 or 14 Iron Hoops of the Prisoner, and gave him 4 s. and 6 d. for them. I live in Turnmill Street, and Mr Trueman lives in Brick Lane, Spittlefields. I gave a Market Price for them, - a Penny a Pound.

Mr Trueman. I will give 7 Farthings a Pound for 1000 of them.

Trott. He brought them to me about 6 or 7 at Night, and they were old Iron Hoops. I have not had great Dealings with him, for I have not seen him above three Times these seven Years.

Mr Trueman. The Prisoner confessed he took them. Here's his Confession.

Mr Zaebary Clark proved the Confession, after which, as much of it as related to the Fact was read.

January 3. 1739. Middlesex, to wit, The Information, &c. who faith he lately stole from Benjamin Trueman , Esq; a Parcel of Iron Hoops, and sold them to Jonathan Trott , of Turnmill Street, in this County, for 3 s. and 11 d.

Trott. I gave him 4 s. and 6 d. for them; and I never bought any other Parcel of him, but this.

John Godfrey . The Night the Hoops were taken, I saw the Prisoner watching about Mr Trueman's Gate. He looked out at the Wicket, and had the Hoops ready. I saw him, but he did not observe I watched him, so he took the Hoops upon his Shoulder and brought them thro' the Wicket. I followed him thro' the Fields to Shoreditch Church; from thence he went round Hoxton Fields, to the New-River Head, and from thence I followed him to Trott's House. He went in there about 7, and Trott and he came out together, and went to a publick House. I watched them there, and saw Trott take some Money out of his Pocket, and pay it to the Prisoner by the Fire-side. After this, Trott was sent for Home; I watched him thither, and saw another Parcel of Hoops had been brought, and were put in the Scales to be weighed. Then I went and told Mr Trueman, and the Prisoner was carried before Mr Justice Harwood, where he confessed he had taken a Parcel of Hoops, and had sold them for 3 s. and 11 d. He likewise informed us that one of his Fellow Servants stole another Parcel the same Time. Several Persons gave the Prisoner the Character of an industrious Man, and said they never had heard of his being charged with any Dishonesty before. Guilty 10 d.

[Whipping. See summary.]

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