Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Price.
15th October 1735
Reference Numbert17351015-29
VerdictNot Guilty; Guilty

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36, 37. Elizabeth Armstrong , and Mary Price , were indicted for the Murder of Patrick Darling : Armstrong by giving him with a Knife one mortal Wound in the Calf of the right Leg of the depth of two Inches and a half, and the breadth of half an Inch, September 24 , of which Wound he died the same Day: And Price, by being present, aiding, and abetting Armstrong in the said Murder.

They were a second time indicted on the Coroner's Inquisition for the said Murder.

Martha Harper . I went into Mr. Humphries's Brandy shop, in Winford Street , to spend a Half-penny. The Deceased was there, and who should come in but this Mary Price . Now the Deceased was a mighty joaking Man, and he told her she curried a clean Heel, G - D - ye, says she, what is that like? Why, says he, It is like an Irish Leg, as thick at bottom as it is at top. With that she up with her Leg and kicked him on the Parts, and he hit her a Box on the Ear. She reel'd against the Door, and said, Call my Cosin, call my Cousin; she is at a Gin shop next Door. So came her Cousin (the other Prisoner Armstrong) with an Oyster Knife in her Hand, and swore she'd cut his Nose off. He laughed, and said, sure you won't serve me so? She swore yes but she would, and called him Irish Thief. She went out, he followed, she gave him a Push, and I don't know whether he pushed her again, but she turned short and stabbed him in the Breast. When he saw his

Blood, he knocked her in the Kennel; and while he was beating her there, she cut him in the Leg. And her Aunt Price called out, Kill him Betty, kill him.

Price. I was not in the Street till all was over.

Martha Harper . Yes, she was in the Street before the Stab.

Harry Wallis . I live opposite to the Brandy-shop, and about ten Minutes past two in the Afternoon Armstrong came out with a Knife and struck at the Deceased several times. He laid hold of her Wrist, but she being stronger than he, shifted her Hands, and struck him in the left Breast, and then he beat her into the Kennel, where she darted the Knife in his Leg, and Price came and hung round him, and said, Kill him, kill him.

Christopher Sallet . Between three and four the same Afternoon, I was at a Brandy-shop in Baker's Arms Alley, Rag Fair, when Armstrong came in very dirty, and I asked her who had been tumbling her in the Mud. She answered, A little Irish Man, but I struck my Knife in his Breast thus far, and I wish it had been in his Heart's Blood. I went to Winford Street to see the Deceased (for I knew him) and he died in my Arms between six and seven the same Day.

James Farwell , a Soldier. I was drinking with the Deceased, who sat on a Bench. Price coming in, he told her she had cleaver Legs, as thick at the bottom as top, and then he touched the String of her Shoe. She kicked his Privities. He gave her a Box on the Ear. She called for her Cousin Armstrong, who came and threatned to cut his Nose off. Arm-Strong went out, he followed, and was stabbed while I was in the Shop, but when I went out they were all three down, and I saw his Shoe full of Blood. I carried him to a Surgeon in four Minutes, which which was about half an Hour after he went out of the Shop.

James Atkinson , Surgeon. The Deceased was brought to me between two and three. He had a Wound near the Armpit which past obliquely towards the Sternum, but there was no penetration in the Cavity of the Thorax. He had another an Inch and a half deep in the Calf of his Leg. I drest his Wounds, and they were both trivial, but for want of due care, the Hemorrhage of Blood from the Calf of his Leg contributed to his Death, for he was harrasded about for two or three Hours, and no body would take him in. And his Animal Spirits being exhausted, he might be be suffocated for want of having his Head laid in a proper position. Besides, I heard that after he was wounded he fought with a Sailor, which might hasten his Death.

- Wallis. After the Wound was given he went towards the Brandy-shop, and a Sailor coming by they had two or three Blows. But the People saying, Are not you ashamed to fight with a Man that is stabbed, and then the Sailor went away.

Jane Tomkins . I looked out at Window and saw Armstrong push at the Deceased, he got hold of her Wrists, but she got loose and stabbed him thus down the Breast; I cryed out, Beat her, beat her, and then he pulled her Head in the Kennel. A Sailor coming by, said to him, D - ye! what Son of a B - are you, to beat a Woman? Upon which, the Deceased quitted the Woman, and two or three Blows past between him and the Sailor, but it was over in a Minute, for I called out and said, For God's sake do not let him beat a wounded Man.

Price. The Deceased came behind me, and put his Hand up my Coats, I said, what is that for ye Blockhead? is there not Wench enough for ye? What, says he, do ye stomach it? My Cousin having been opening Oysters next Door, came in with a Knife in her Hand, and then I went out about my Business, but coming back, I saw my Cousin in the Kennel, and the Deceased a beating her, and so I went and took him off.

Armstrong. Hearing my Aunt cry out, I went and said to the Deceased. Are not you a foolish Irish Dog to meddle with an old Woman, and then he knocked me down into the Kennel, where he twice put his Hands up my Coats.

Two Surgeons deposed, that the Wound did not appear to be mortal. but that the Deceased might have been living if he had taken due care of himself.

The Jury acquitted Price, and found Armstrong Guilty . Death .

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