James Farrel, Charles Hooper.
11th September 1735
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101, 102. James Farrel and Charles Hooper , were indicted for assaulting John Wood , in a Field near the Highway, and robbing him of a Hat and Wig, a pair of Shoe Buckles, and a Knee Buckle , July 8 .

John Wood . On Tuesday the eighth of July between three and four in the Morning, I was walking behind White Chappel Mount when Farrel (who was then in a Red Wastecoat) clapt something to my Breast, and bid me stand, and then he pulled a Crape over his Face, but I saw his Face first. There were two others with him, but their Faces were covered as soon as I saw them. Then one of those two took my Hat and Wig, and the Prisoner searched my Pockets, but finding no Money, he said, D - ye, you Dog, I have a good mind to knock your Brains out, and then took the Buckles out of my Shoes, and one of my Knee Buckles - One of the Men flash'd a Pistol. On Friday I went to Newgate, where the Prisoners were turned loose among others, and I fixt upon Farrel, but could not be so positive to the other, because I had not seen his Face before.

Edward Lawrence , Constable. Justice Lade gave me orders if I saw any loose Fellows there, to bring them before him. I knew Hooper had been in Bridewell, and on the eighth or ninth of July, about six in the Morning, being told that he and two others were seen in Mint Street with Pistols, and some

Pewter Plates, I went and found them, the two Prisoners and Thomas Baugh , coming out of an Alley: I told Hooper that I had a Warrant against him for beating a Woman; by this Pretence, I got him and his two Companions, who followed him, to my House. I found a Pistol on one of them. Baugh confessed and told me, that Farrel had got the Buckles in his Pocket. As I was going with the Prisoners before Sir John Lade , Baugh being left behind, One of them said, What does Baugh stay for? Another answered, to be made a Puff, what do you think he stays for else. - Baugh made an Information of this, and six or seven other Robberies.

Thomas Baugh . About eleven o'Clock on Monday Night, the Prisoners and I went into the Fields to rob. We walked about, 'till two the next Morning, and met nobody, and so we sat down under White Chappel Mount, until Day break, and then we saw the Prosecutor, with a Woman, upon which Farrel said, let us go up - Here is a Chance - You are not afraid Tom? And then he gave me a Pistol: Hooper stepped up to the Prosecutor first, and clapped a Pistol to his Mouth, and swore G - D - your Blood, I will blow your Brains out. Hooper was in a light grey Coat, and a brown Frock and a white Waistcoat. Farrel had a Red Soldier's Wastcoat (for he belongs to the third Regiment) but he had pulled the Lace off: He searched the Prosecutor, and took his Buckles, which were afterwards found upon him, and I took the Prosecutor's Hat and Wig.

Prosecutor. I never saw the Woman, he speaks of, until they came up to me, and then she stood still, and I wondered they did not rob her. As to the Man, who was then in the white Wastecoat, it was not he that came up to me first and bid me deliver; but it was Farrel, who was then in a Red Wastecoat, and the other had a Snuff coloured Coat.

Baugh. When we had robbed the Prosecutor, we went to Hockley in the Hole, where some People were moving their Goods, and the Door being left a-jar Farrell stepped in, and brought out thirteen Pewter Plates: Now, says he, we will go over the Water, and Fence them. So we went to a Shop in the Mint, to drink a Dram, and just as we came out, the Constable stopped Hooper, and asked him if he had not beat a Woman, he answered, No, there is another Charles Hooper : But says the other, it was one Charles Hooper a Duffer, and if you are not the Man, you shall have a dozen of Beer.

Richard Jones . After the Prisoners were brought to the County Goal, I found this pair of Shoe Buckles, and this odd Knee Buckle in Farrel's Pocket - Hooper afterwards confessed, that he had dropped a Pistol down the necessary House, and he desired to be made an Evidence, and said he could put two more in his Information than Baugh had named.

Baugh. Farrel told me in the New Goal, that he wanted Smacks.

Farrel called John Postern , Francis Patterson and Joseph Walker , to his Character.

They deposed, that he lived some Years in Rag Fair, and used to sell Earthen Ware about, but that they could not give any Account of his manner of Life for the last six Months, any further, than that he had inlisted himself for a Soldier .

The Jury found them both Guilty . Death .

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