John Field, Joseph Rose.
26th February 1735
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35. John Field alias Fielder and Joseph Rose were indicted with Richard Turpin and Samuel Gregory not then taken, for breaking the House of Joseph Lawrence , the Elder, and stealing a Silver Cup, four Silver Spoons, four Gold Rings, a Pair of Sheets, twelve Napkins, a Table Cloth. six Towels, six Pillowbiers, six Handkerchiefs, a Wastcoat, fifteen Guineas, three Moidores, and 30 s. Feb. 4 in the Night .

They were a second Time indicted for assaulting Joseph Lawrence , the Elder in his House, putting him in fear, and taking from him the Goods and Money above mentioned .

Richard Wood . I know Fielder the tall Man in Blew: He and the Evidence Wheeler, and three more were drinking at my House the Nine Pin and Bowl at Edgware the Day my Neighbour Lawrence was robb'd. His House is about a Mile from mine. They came at a Quarter past four in the Afternoon and staid till five. Their Horses stood the while in my Yard

and I gave them some Hay. They went away together. Coming to London, I saw the same Horses standing at a Door in King-street, Bloomsbury. I went in and saw Fielder and Wheeler there with others, Fielder and Wheeler made a great Resistance when they were taken, and five Pistols were found upon them.

John Wheeler . On Tuesday the fourth of this Month about two in the Afternoon, the Prisoners and I and Richard Turpin and Samuel Gregory , went from the Black Horse in the Broadway in Westminster to the Nine Pin and Bowl at Edgware, where we staid near an Hour, and then went to the Queen's Head at Stanmore, and staid about an Hour and a half, and went from thence to Lawrences's House at eight or between eight and nine at Night. Fielder got over a Hatch into the Sheep Yard, and took the Sheep Boy and bound his Hands and brought him to the Door and bid him speak when we knock'd, but the Boy was frighted and could not, so Gregory knock'd, and call'd Mr. Lawrence. A Servant open'd the Door and we all rush'd in with Pistols in our Hands. We bound the old Gentleman and his Man and Maid. Turpin pulled the old Man's Breeches down and dragged him into another Room, and beat him to make him discover where his Money was. Gregory took the Maid up into the Garret and lay with her there, as he afterwards told us. We took away what Money, Linnen, and Plate we could find. I saw no more than three Guineaa and 6 s. 6 d. and if they found any more they cheated me of my Share. We left them bound in the Parlor, locked the Door, and threw the Key into the Garden.

John Bowler . I keep the Black Horse in the Broadway, Westminster Wheeler and Rose had been several times backwards and forwards at my House, for they lodged hard by, and Fielder had been there twice. Their Horses stood at my Stables. one was a Sorrel, one a Brown, and one a Bay.

Richard Wood . They had such colour'd Horses when they came to my House at Edgware, and one that was Black.

Bowler. They and two more came again to my House on the fourth of this Month, and rid away together about two in the Afternoon.

Joseph Ironmonger . I keep the Queen's Head Inn at Stanmore. The Prisoners and Wheeler and two more came to my House at a Quarter past six that Tuesday Night Mr. Lawrence was robb'd. My House is about a Mile from his. They staid about an Hour, and went away together. It was dark, and I did not take notice of their Horses.

This was confirmed by Thomas Martin and Arthur Allen .

James Emerton , the Prosecutor's Boy. That Man in Blue (Fielder) came into the Sheep house, and holding out a Pistol, said, he would shoot me if I offer'd to cry out. There were four more with him. He took off my Garter and tyed my Hands. They asked what Servants my Master kept, and I told them. They said they would not hurt me, but they would knock at the Door, and I should answer, and they would give me some Money. So one of them knocked, and my Fellow Servant opened the Door, and they all rush'd in with Pistols. I went in and sat down, and they threw a Table Cloth over my Face - I dont know him in the Great Coat (Rose) but I remember the Evidence (Wheeler) was there. In a little time they took the Cloth off my Face and carried me into another Room, and asked what Fire Arms my Master kept. I told them there was an old Gun, so they took the Gun and broke it. Rose took a Knife and made an offer to cut my Master's Throat.

Court. How can you tell it was Rose when you do not know his Person?

Boy. I saw such an offer made by one of the Men, and heard that that Man's Name was Rose.

John Pate , Servant to the Prosecutor. Between seven and eight at Night some body knocked; I unbolted the Door; the two Prisoners, Wheeler, and three more came in with Pistols in their Hands, and said, D - your Blood! How long have you lived here? We had two Candles in the Room, and I saw their Faces plainly. They put a Cloth over my Eyes, but in five or six Minutes they took it off, tyed my Hands before me, and carried me into the Room where the Boy was, and sat me down by the Fire. My Master was ty'd and hoodwink'd at the same time - They opened a Closet, took out a Bottle of Elder Wine and made us drink twice. They took out some Linnen and Plate. I was present when the Prisoners were taken, they had several Pistols, and made a great Resistance.

Joseph Lawrence . Between seven and eight at Night when I had just paid some Workmen, and my Boy was putting up the Sheep, I heard some body knock at the Door and call Mr. Lawrence! My Man opened the Door, and in rushed five Men with Pistols. I can swear positively that Fielder, the tall Man in Blue was one of them. They swore at me and demanded my Money: They took off my Neckcloth and tyed it over my Eyes. They broke down my Breeches and took

out of my Pocket a Guinea, a six and thirty Shilling Portugal Piece, and between ten and twenty Shillings in Silver. They said they must have more, and they would make me shew them where the rest of my Money was. They drove me up Stairs with my Breeches down, and coming to a Closet they broke it open though, they had got the Key of it, and took out two Guineas, ten Shillings, a Silver Cup, thirteen Silver Spoons, two Gold Rings and what else they could find. They took all my Linnen, not only Table Cloths, Napkins and Shirts, but the Sheets off the Beds, and then they trod the Beds about to try if there was any Money in them. They carried me down again, and whipt me with their bare Hands as hard as they could strike; so that I was black the next Day. They broke my Head with their Pistols. They carried me into the Kitchen, and took a Kettle of Water off the Fire and threw upon me. The Maid had just taken out some of the scalding Water and put some cold in, so that it did me no harm. Then they haul'd me back again, and swore they would rip me up and burn me alive if I did not tell them where the rest of my Money was. One of them put a Bill to my Legs, and swore he'd chop them off. One of them held a Knife under my Chin, and threatned to cut my Throat. Some pulled me by the Nose, and some dragged me about by the Hair of the Head. My Breeches were down, and I was blind folded all the while.

Dorothy Street. I was in the Back House a churning Butter, and hearing a great Noise I put out my Candle. They rushed in upon me, and tyed my Hands. The Evidence Wheeler, and both the Prisoners were there. They put me into the Room where my Master was. They rifled the House of what they could find, and one of them made me go up, and swore I should shew him where my Master's Money was; I said I did not know. But he carried me into the Garret, where he bolted the Door, and threw me upon the Bed. He had two Pistols, he laid one upon the Chest, and one upon the Bed, and swearing he would shoot me, if I offered to cry out, he lay with me by Violence - He afterwards told me they would go to my Master's Son's House, and rob him.

The Boy again. They asked me if my Master's Son would come home that Night, and I told them, Yes - Then they said they were going to the nezt House, and would return in half an Hour: and if they found any body loose they would kill me - Afterwards they made me go with them to the Door of the House, but when they came there they did not go in.

Thomas Lawrence . I went out at six in the Morning. and when I came back at Night, my Chest was broke open, and all my Linnen and twenty Pounds in Money was lost. I was at the taking of the Prisoners; I was forced to throw Fielder down before I could secure him. I took Rose in Thieving Lane in Westminster, he made what Resistance he could.

Mr. Pullen. Some of the Goods were taken in Duck Lane, and some in Thieving Lane. We found Rose in a Room in Thieving Lane, drinking a Bowl of Punch with a Woman that is, or goes for his Wife, and one Walker.

Some of the Linnen found in Rose's Custody, was produced in Court, and proved to be the Prosecutors.

Fielder. I know nothing of what you are talking about.

Rose. Nor I neither.

The Jury found them guilty of both Indictments.

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