Elizabeth Wood, Theft > shoplifting, 10th July 1734.

Reference Number: t17340710-36
Offence: Theft > shoplifting
Verdict: Guilty > theft under 5s
Punishment: Transportation
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42. Elizabeth Wood , was indicted for privately stealing a half Guinea, and 3 l. 15 s. in Silver, in the Shop of William Dixon , June 8 .

Mary Dixon . I keep a Chandler's-shop , the End of Leather-Lane , in Liquor-Pond-Street , I counted 5 l to pay my Baker, and put it in a blue and White striped Ticking-cap. The next Day my Soap-boiler's Man came, and I took out this Cap, and paid him 13 s. out of the 5 l. and several Customers being in the Shop, I twisted the Cap up, and laid it by the End of the Counter, and threw a Cloth over it. The Prisoner came for some Small-beer and a Dram. Betty, says I, 'tis a busy Time (for it was Saturday Morning) and therefore don't trouble me. So she went to that Part of the Shop where the Money lay, and serv'd herself, and then walk'd backwards and forwards a good while, and then went away. I miss'd the Money in half an Hour after she was gone, and suspected her, because no Body else was at that End of the Counter while the Money lay there.

Richard Grove . I met the Prisoner in the Afternoon in Theobald's Row. She held up a blue and white strip'd Cap, and shook at me, and said, Hey ! you Son of of a Bitch here's Money!

John Kilsby . The Prisoner came into the King's-Head, Parker' Lane, with a little Fellow that she had pick'd up in the King's-Road She pull'd out a Handful of Silver, swearing and throwing it about the House like mad She treated any Body, and spent 4 or 5 s. standing, while I was at Dinner. At Night I heard Mr Dixon had been robb'd by such a Woman; and she was taken next Morning in her Room - She swore prodigiously, and damn'd her Eyes if she knew any thing of the Matter; but when she was told of her being at the King's-Head, and spending and throwing the Money about there she confess'd that is was Mr. Dixon's Money, and that she took it out of his Shop but she had none of it left, for she had spent it and thrown it away, she could not tell how. Guilty 4 s. 10 d.

[Transportation. See summary.]

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