Abraham Rayner.
10th October 1733
Reference Numbert17331010-4
VerdictNot Guilty

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6. Abraham Rayner , was indicted for stealing 20 the Money of Abraham Munford , Sept. 14

Ann Munford * . The Prisoner and I were three Years Prisoners in Newgate together for Debt, and so we became acquainted. I had indicted Ann Ashby , for assaulting me, and her Father and another met me, and the Prisoner, at the Cross-Keys by Hicks's-Hall , in order to make it up. The Matter was to be referr'd to the Prisoner, who pretended to be my Friend, and that he would take nothing of me for his Trouble. Mr. Ashby, or his Friend, paid me down 20s. on the Table I laid my Hand upon it, and while I was signing the Release, the Prisoner swept the Money all into his Hand, and ran away with it immediately. I found him a little while after in Hicks's-Hall, and ask'd him for my Money, and he said, I should have it by and by; but afterwards he said, he had got it, and would keep it.

* See the Trial of Ann Munford, below.

Court. Did not he Solicit for you?

Ann Munford. No; he only acted as my Friend, and did not demand any thing.

Prisoner. As Ann Ashby lived in Surry, she could not be taken without a Judge's Warrant, or a Certificate, and did not I take out a Certificate for you at my own Charge?

Ann Munford . No; you went with me to beg it of the Clerk of the Peace, who gave it me gracious, because I was poor, and had been so long in Newgate for 130 l.

Prisoner. But did not I tell the Clerk to set it down to me?

Munford. No, you neither paid for it nor undertook to pay for it.

Elizabeth Cracker confirm'd the Evidence of Ann Munford

Prisoner. My Bill, for what I did for Ann Munford, came to 4 s. 10 d. in part of which Bill, the 20 s. was paid to me, and not to her.

Thomas Patter . I went with Mr. Ashby to the Cross Keys, to end the Difference by twixt Mr Ashby's Daughter, and Ann Munford . After some time it was agreed to pay 20 s. which I laid down for Mr. Ashby. The Prisoner was her Attorney, and I paid the Money to him towards his Charges in the Prosecution, but I did not let him have it till she had sign'd the Release, and then I laid it on the Table, and he took it up. She told me his Bill was 2 l. 8 s. 10 d. and that the 20 s. would not pay half his Cost. I told her 'twas no Matter for that, for it was a vile Prosecution. She made no Objection against the Prisoner's receiving the Money, and he stay'd about a Quarter of an Hour after he had taken it, and then he was call'd out by a Man from Hicks's-Hall.

This was confirm'd by the Deposition of Mr. Ashby.

Mr. Gibon's, an Attorney, and John Ellnor , depos'd, that they had known the Prisoner several Years, and that he bore an honest Character. The Jury acquitted him.

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