Edward Taylor, John Smithson, Joseph Phillis, Thomas Stricket, Violent Theft > highway robbery, Theft > grand larceny, Theft > other, 10th May 1733.

30, 31, 32 Edward Taylor , John Smithson, alias Smitton , and Joseph Phillis , were indicted for assaulting John Violene on the Highway, putting him in Fear, and taking from him a Hat, value 6 s. April 3 .

John Violone . I ave noting to say to de Preesonars, but von day lass mont, I tink it vas de tree day of April, I vas to go home to mine house by St. Ann Shurch. It vas vary dark in de night, and dare vas von or two men, and so soon as I go cross de street, von take old of mine hat and pull me down, and den von nock me down upon de arm vid a great stick, and I taut mine arm vas broke, da take ava mine hat, but da do noting else, for so soon as I cry murder, de people put de candale in de street, and de teef run ava, and no body cash 'em till two week; and den de Coonstauble come and fesh me to de Shustice, and dare da tell ame I muss prosecute. I no tink of such a ting as prosecute, but da put it in mine head. Vell, I say, I vas rob, I lose mine hat, srs hour, sis time, but it vas dark night, and I no see oo take it avay, dat vas all I can tell.

Prisoners. How many were there in Company?

J. V. I no see dat; von pull me down by de hat; and von nock mine arm.

Prisoners. What a Clock was it?

J. V. Vat a Clock? It vas af an hour pass alaven.

Tho Whithy . Between 11 and 12 at Night I knock'd the Gentleman down in Newport-street , and when he was down, Smition took his Hat. The Gentleman got up and cry'd, O mon chapean! O mon chapean! The Watch hearing him, came forward, and we ran away

Court. Was he knock'd down after his Hat was taken or before?

Whithy His Hat was taken after he was knockt in the Kennel; there was no Blow given after he was down.

Court. The Prosecutor swears he was pull'd down by the Hat, and that he receiv'd the Blow afterwards - , What did the other two Prisoners do?

Whithy. They stood by to watch. Taylor had a Stick, but Phillis had none.

Prisoner. Where were we first acquainted together?

Whithy. In Bridewell. The Night before the Robbery we all lay in the Sand-house by Marybone Bason. We spent the next Day in the Fields, and in the Evening we came

into Town, and walk'd about the Street, to see what we could thieve, till we met with the Prosecutor - . Smitton sold the Hat to Mrs. Church (who keeps a Lodging-house over against St. Giles's Church) for a Shilling, and gave us 3 d. a piece.

Smithson. Have you any Witnesses of that?

Whithy. I sent thither, but no Body would own it. Phillis confess'd this Fact before Justice De Veil, and to Thomas Clark , the Watchman; and Smitton and Taylor were both Evidences, last Sessions but one, against Andrew Curd and William West *.

* See Sessions Paper, Numb. III. Page 67.

Thomas Thomas , Constable. On the 19th of April between 12 and 1 in the Morning, Whitby was brought in by the Watch, as a loose vagrant Person. They found him loitering about Soho Square. He was carried before Justice De Veil, who told him, that Thomas Stricket had laid an Information against him, but was gone off. Upon hearing this, Whitby inform'd against the Prisoners, and was admitted an Evidence. We found Taylor at his Mother's Room in Bull-Court in the Strand; Phillis at Mrs. Sole's, a Lodging House in Tyburn Road; and Smithson in St. Martin's Work-house.

Whitby. When I made my Information, did not I subscribe the Prosecutor's Cloaths to you?

Court. The most that can be inferr'd from your giving a Description of the Prosecutor, is, that you yourself was concern'd in the Robbery.

Tho Clark , Watchman. I took Whitby in Soho, and by his Information I found Phillis in Tyburn Road. I ask'd him if he was concern'd with Whithy and the Prisoners in robbing the Frenchman of his Hat, and he said, yes?

Anthony Oram . I assisted in apprehending the Prisoners, but heard none of them confess.

John Miller , Constable. I carried them before Justice De Veil, and there Phillis said, he was concern'd in robbing the Frenchman of his Hat in Newport-street.

Smithson. I was sick when the Robbery was done.

Taylor. And I was sick too.

Phillis. And I have nothing to say for my self, for I know nothing of the Fact.

The Jury acquitted them.

Edward Taylor and John Smithson , were a second time indicted for stealing a rug Coat, value 20 s. the Property of John Frazier , Jan. 24 .

John Frazier . I lost my Cot oot o' my Shop in Oarange Court in St. Martin's Pairish ; the Cot was o'noo greet vailue. I ken no' whaw tuck it awaw, for I wonno' ken any on em an I see em; but Maister Meeler, the Constable chairged me to appear before the Court at Hicks's Hall, and there i said I loss my Cot, and that was aw that I kend o' the Maiter.

Whitby. On the 24th of Jan. about 10 at Night, the Prisoners and I going a thieving, we came to the Prosecutor's Shop, and no Body being in it, Smition and I stood at the Door to watch, while Taylor went in and stole a great red rug Coat. We sold it to Andrew Curd (who was lately hang'd) for a Shilling and half a Pint of Gin. We divided the Money, and had a Groat a-piece.

The Jury acquitted them.

33 Edward Taylor , John Smithson , and Joseph Phillis , were a third time indicted, with Thomas Stricket , for stealing a Linnen Gown and a Petticoat , the Goods of Rich Cook , April 4 .

Richard Cook . I lost the Gown and Petticoat about the 4th of April from the Greyhound (commonly call'd, The French Change) at the lower End of Hog-lane in St. Giles's Parish .

Thomas Whithy . I and the Prisoners met at the Crooked Billet in Brown's Gardens, and from thence we went to the French Change at the Corner of Brown's Gardens. I lifted up the Sash and took out the Gown, and Smithson took the Petticoat. We lay all Night at Mrs. Church's, over against St. Giles's Church, and next Morning Stricket and Smitton pawn'd 'em in Drury-Lane for 4 s. and we had each 1 s. a-piece + . Stricket was taken up first, and inform'd against us, but he ran away from his Information, and I being taken next was admitted an Evidence.

+ How could that be?

The Jury acquitted them.

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