Catherine Tracey.
4th April 1733
Reference Numbert17330404-46
VerdictGuilty > theft under 1s

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55. Catherine Tracey was indicted for privately stealing 6 Guineas and 2 half Guineas from the Person of George Binnington , March 31 .

George Binnington. On Saturday last I went with my Fellow-Servants to see Chelsea Hospital, and coming back in the Evening we went into a House to drink; the Prisoner and another Woman were at the Door, and they went up with us without asking.

Court. You were glad of their Company however?

George Binnington . Yes, to my Sorrow; we drank a Glass of Ale together, and I must needs own we were very busy and familiar. The Prisoner led me to the Bed-side, and leading me to the Bed-side, I tumbled her upon the Bed; and tumbling her upon the Bed, I felt her Hand at my Fob Pocket; and feeling her Hand at my Fob Pocket, I got up; and getting up, I declared that she had stole 7 Guineas from me. Upon this the other Woman asked me, what Present I would make her if she got me my Money again? I offer'd a Crown, she puffed at that; I bid her 10 s. but that would not do neither; then I said I would take 6 Guineas for the whole. No, the Prisoner said, if I would take five Guineas, and be easy, I should have them, and so she put five Guineas into my Hand, and putting them into my Hand the Constable came up that moment; (for I sent for a Constable when I miss'd my Money) and the Constable coming up, he carried her before his Majesty the Justice.

Court. Was the Money in a Purse, or loose in your Pocket?

G. B. It was in a Purse, but she had taken the Gold out of the Purse, and was putting the Purse into my Fob again; for when I felt her it was half in and half out.

A Juryman. Were your Breeches up or down when you lost the Money?

G. B. I must acknowledge my Breeches were loose, an't please you.

Prisoner. Where was the other Woman when we were tumbling upon the Bed?

G. B. At the Door with my Fellow-Servant.

P. Was not she at the Bed-side?

G. B. She did come to the Bed-side indeed, but not upon the Bed.

P. Did not you shove me up Stairs?

G. B. I did not shove her, nor touch her, till she came into the Room.

P. Was you drunk or sober?

G. B. Very sober.

P. You swear this against me because I would not comply with all your Humours, but you gave the other Woman a Note, and conveyed her away, because she did any thing that you desired her.

G. B. There was a little Writing indeed, but that was before I got any of my Money again; my Fellow-Servant wrote it, to signify, that if the Prisoner would return us so much we would acquit her, but she did not dissolve to give me the money then, and so the Note was riven, and I sent for a Constable; the other Woman got away while we were bargaining.

P. No, they let her go, because they had carnal Dealings with her, and they would have been concerned with me in the same way, but I said I would not do any such Thing when there were four Men in Company, and therefore they beat me.

Thomas Newsham and Samuel Coleman confirmed the Prosecutor's Evidence.

Thomas Thomas , Constable. A Gentleman's Servant called me to go to a House in Hedge-Lane, in St. Martin's Parish; when I came into the Room, I found the Bed taken off the Bedstead, and laid on the Floor; the Prosecutor charged me with the Prisoner, and I carried her before the justice, who order'd her to be searched. I searched her Pocket, and found no more than 2 s. and she offer'd to go aside and let me search her as far as I would.

P. He might easily lose his Money, when

his Breeches hung down to his Shoes, though I never touch'd it. But as soon as he miss'd it, he swore, Sir, as I do to you, Aye, G - d - the Bitch she has pick'd my Pocket. The Jury found her Guilty to the Value of 10d.

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