Elizabeth Leakin, Frances Roop, Rebecca Richards, Sarah Richards, Mary Squire.
4th April 1733
Reference Numbert17330404-15
VerdictNot Guilty

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16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Elizabeth Leakin , Frances Roop , Rebecca Richards , Sarah Richards , and Mary Squire , were indicted for privately stealing 2 pair of Silver Buckles, a Silver laced Hat, a pair of Chrystal Studs, a Silk Handkerchief, and 20 s. from the Person of John Harrison , Feb. 26 .

John Harrison . I had been drinking too much in the City, and in my Way Home I parted with a Friend who call'd me by my Name, and bad me good night. The Prisoner Leakin coming by, and hearing my Name, she call'd to me, and said, Won't you give me a Dram, Master Harrison? Who are you, says I? What! says she, don't you know me, Master? I am Leakin the Waterman's Wife. So I went with her to Mrs. Robinson's Brandy-shop in Nightingale-lane, and there was a Boy playing on the Bell-harp; I threw down a Half-penny (as I thought) to the Boy; but the Woman of the Shop took it up, and said it was a Guinea. I told her, since she was so honest, if she would give me 20 Shillings in Change, I would leave the other Shilling to be spent among the Customers. So she gave me 20 s. and presently Michael Roop ( Frances Roop 's Husband) came in. He was a Waterman, and I had some Acquaintance with him. Lord! Mr. Harrison, says he, how came you here? Let me see you Home; but I hope we shall drink together first; won't you give me a Pint. Master? With all my Heart, says I, and so he and I and his Wife and Betty Leakin went to the Horse-shoe and Ship Alehouse, where I gave them three Pints of Two penny, and a Pint of hot; I paid a Shilling for the Reckoning, and then he talked no more about seeing me home. Then I went out and said I would go home, but his Wife and Leakin said No, you shall go and lye at our House. So I went with them to an empty House in Black-Jack Alley , and there they set me on the Floor, and I fell fast asleep, and lost the Goods and Money mentioned in the Indictment, but I

don't know who took them from me. The Jury acquitted the Prisoners.

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