, Jane Murphey.
6th December 1732
Reference Numbert17321206-38
VerdictGuilty; Not Guilty

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40, 41. and Jane Murphey alias Macloughlane , were indicted for stealing a Velvet Purse, a Silk Purse, 88 Guineas, and four half Guineas, the Goods and Money of Henry Green , in his House , Nov. 2 .

Henry Green. On the 2d of Nov. I got up in the Morning to see my Brother out of Town. I took half a Guinea out of my Drawers, and left fourscore and ten Guineas in a green Silk Purse.

W. M. Prisoner. How came you to swear to but 68 Guineas you old Rogue you?

Court. Did you swear to but 68 Guineas?

Green. No, I swore to 88 Guineas and 4 half Guineas. The Prisoners were my Lodgers. They had the next Room to that where the Money was taken: There was a Hole in the Partition, so that they could see all over my Room. He pretended he was married to her at the White Horse in Fleet-lane, but I believe it was only a Pretence.

Ann Green . My Husband had a poor Brother come to see him out of Northamptonshire, and he was to go out of Town that Morning, and I being dubitons that my Husband should give some of his Money to this poor Brother, I hided the Purse with 90 Guineas in it under my Child's Bed, in the Room next to the Prisoner's. I heard them walking about the Room at the same time, and I suppose they might see what I was doing through the Slit in the Wainscot: Then I lock'd the Door and went down Stairs, and my Husband and his Brother went out together. By and by, one came in for a Hat and Waistcoat that were left in that Room, and I sent my Boy up for it; and when he came down again, he told me that they came into the Room while he was there, and took something from under the Bed.

W. M. Prisoner. Was no Body else in the House then ?

Ann Green. No.

W. M. P. There was a Soldier. I hope the Court will enquire into your Character.

Ann Green. You have got Moll Harvey of your side, so you need not care.

Thomas Green. (Aged 16) when I went up for the Hat and Waistcoat, she came into my Room with a Bundle, and says, Tom, take care of this; and then he comes in and says, Give me the Bundle; so he took it away, and came in again, and went to my Bed, and said, this is a pretty Feather-bed. Then he turned it up, and felt under it, and took something out; but I did not think it was Money, for I knew nothing of any Money being there. Then they both went away directly, and bid me tell my Mother they would certainly come at Night. There was no Body else in the Room but these two end my self.

Richard Allomby . On the 3d of Novemb. one came to my House for a Constable, and said, there was a Person next Door that had robb'd her Lodgings of near an 100 Guineas. I went and found Mr. Green there, and Jane Murphey . You wicked Wretch, says he, how could you take all I had? She denied, and said, if she had any Gold about her it was all his. We searched her, and found 7 Guineas.

Tho. Latham , Coachman. I drove the Prisoner, W. M. from the White Horse in Blackman-street, to Islington Turnpike, and there he put his Head out of the Coach, and ordered me to drive to the Black Horse in the Hay-Market. When he came there, he got out of the Coach, and went into Moll Harvey's, and said he had lost 68 Guineas and a Watch there, and he would have 'em again. Moll desired him to be easy and quiet, and said he should have his Watch: He swore he would have his Money too, or he would go to Justice De Veil and get a Warrant; and then he ordered me to drive to Justice De Veil's. But Moll Harvey going out, and a Woman saying she was gone to Justice De Veil's, and would be there before him, he then ordered me to drive to Justice Lambert's. It was the same Day that he was taken up. Justice Lambert called for me in, asked where I took him up ; I told him, and then I was ordered to withdraw.

W. M. I don't know Moll Harvey, nor her House neither.

Court. She stands pretty near you however.

- Banford, Constable. A Man came from the Cow and Calf Ale-house by Islington Turnpike, to me at next Door, and said, there was a Woman who had robb'd her Lodgings. I went and found Mr. Green and the Prisoner Murphey there. He charged her with robbing him. How can you say so? says she, I never wrong'd Man, Woman, nor Child; and if I have any Gold about me it is yours. We searched her, and found 7 Guineas, 5 s. and 6 d. and a Gold Ring in a Housewife in her Pocket: So she was sent to New-Prison. The Man of the Alehouse came to me again about 10 at Night, and said there was a Man at his House who enquired for Mrs. Macloughlane, and he suspected him to be concerned in the same Robbery. I went thither, I found the Prisoner W. M. but he said his Name was John Howard . We sent for Mr. Green, and upon searching him, we found 5 Guineas and a half, 8 s. and an old studded Watch. He seemed to be in Liquor. He was dirty, his Shirt Sleeve was torn, and he said he had been robb'd of some Guineas. The Coachman who brought him there, said, he had been at Mall Harvey's.

- Davis. I am Watchman to the New River Company. I was at Mr. Chamberlain's House when Mr. Banford came in, and said there was a Man at the Cow and Calf, who was suspected to belong to the Woman that was taken up there that Day. I went in, and spoke to him in the Irish Brogue (for I had been a Soldier in Ireland). I ask'd him how he did, where he came from? He answered me in Irish, and said, he came from the North of Ireland, near Dundee. Sure I should know you, says I: What is your Name? My Name, says he, is Will. Maclonghlane. I asked him how long he had been in England? He said he had not been long come from of France. Parlezvous Francois, says I. Ouy Monsieur, says he. I found he could speak so much French as I.

Court. 'Tis no Matter whether he could or not: The Court don't want to hear how many Scraps of French and Irish you can repeat.

- Davis. So, says I to the Constable, He says his Name is Will. Maclonghlane, and, says the Constable, that's the Name in the Warrant. With that I kick'd up his Heels, and he fell against a Jack-Chain. He began to struggle with me; but You Rogue, says I, if you make any Resistance, I'll hang you in this Chain, and save Jack Catch the Labour. You have met with the wrong Man, honest Will. Macloughlane ! Then he said his Name was not William Macloughlane, but John Howard , and desired to speak with me aside. I went with him into another Box. Countryman, says he, (for he took me to be Irish) I wonder you should be so hard with me, you have got 5 Guineas and a half, and 8 s. 6 d. and a Watch from me (for I had search'd him). Give me the Gold, and you shall keep the Watch and the Silver if you'll let me go.

Mr. Chamberlain. The Constable came to ask me if I had any Assistance. I bid Davis step out. They went and I followed. They had hold of the Prisoner when I came in. The Constable said he had a Warrant for W. Macloughlane, and then, says the Prisoner, Damn me, if my Name is not John Howard. He desired to speak aside with Davis. Davis beckon'd to me, and I over-heard the Prisoner say to him, give me the Gold and the Watch, and keep the Silver. He seem'd to be in Liquor, but sensible.

Mary Simons . The Prisoner Murphy came to my House (the Cow and Calf) in a Coach. She said, she was ill, and was come to Islington for the Air for a Week or two, and wanted a Lodging. After some time, she ask'd, If I had any thing to eat? I told her, no, but I would fetch her something. I went for some Stakes, and when I came back the Constable was there. She said, she had never wrong'd Man, Woman, or Child, and if she had any Gold about her it was Green's. Upon search they found 7 Guineas in her Hussy.

John Simons . The Prisoner said at first, his Name was Maclonghlane, and afterwards Howard. 5 Guineas and a Half, and some Silver, and a studded Watch were taken from him. He offer'd Davis the Watch and Silver to let him go.

H. Green. They never came back to my House after they went away in the Morning. My House is at the bottom of Parker's-Lane in St. Giles's. A Woman that knew

I had been robb'd, happen'd to see Murphy at Islington, and told me of it, and so I came to find her out.

Jane Murphy . My Name is not Murphy but Maclonghlane, and this Man is my Husband.

Mary Jurick . I saw them marry'd.

Court. When?

Jurick. I can't recollect the time, but I think it was on Allbollon-Eve. I and my Husband were at the Wedding.

Court. Is your Husband here?

J. No, he did not know of the Trial.

Court. Where were they married?

J. At a Lady's House beyond Red-Lion-Square. I don't remember the Name of the Street. They supt at our House, and from thence they went to their Lodgings at Mr. Green's. I live in an Ale-house; and Green keeps an Ale-house too.

C. By whom were they married?

J. By a Roman Priest . They are Roman Catholicks .

C. In what Room?

J. In the Garret. Green said the next Morning after the Prisoners were taken, that he would swear any thing to hang them both.

Green. I never said any thing like it.

Eleanor Coleman . I was in a Neighbour's House when Green came in, and he swore damn him, he would hang them if there were no more in London.

Margaret Sherrit . Green came to Mrs. Jurick's Room (in Parker's-lane) and said he had them both, and would swear any thing to hang them if there were no more in England.

Eliz. Soams. I went to Green's for a Pint of Beer between 8 and 9 in the Morning. A Soldier came down Stairs and call'd for a Pint of Beer, and paid nothing for it, and then went out. Then the 2 Prisoners came down, and Green said he had lost some Money, and would have them searched ; upon which they were affronted, and threw down a Shilling, and said they would come no more into his House.

H. Green. I neither searched them, nor saw them when they went, for I was gone out with my Brother.

A. Green. Nor I did not search 'em, for they were gone before I mist the Money.

Prisoner. Here's Isabella Soams can prove that Green has own'd he was robb'd by a Soldier.

Court. Soams is your Name? How long have you gone by that Name?

Isabella Eaton. About a 12 Month.

Court. I think I have try'd you here by another Name.

Eaton. Very like you might try me, my Lord, and by another Name too; but what if you did, I was Innocent, and my Jury acquitted me. I never came here for my Crimes, but my Passions. I keep the Two Blue-Posts in the Hay-Market. The Prisoner William Macloughlane us'd to come to my House with other Gentlemen's Servants. He left 20 Guineas with me to lay by for him. And that Day as Green was robb'd, Green came to my House and ask'd if the Prisoner was there; no, says I, but he was here Yesterday, and I paid him 16 Guineas. Tell him, says he, next time you see him, I am sorry I affronted him by searching him, for now I understand it was a Soldier that robb'd me; and if he'll let me know where the Soldier is, I'll give him 5 Guineas.

Court. How long is that ago?

Eaton. Six Weeks.

Court. How many Weeks is it since the 2d of November.

Eaton. I don't keep an Almanack in my Head.

Green. That Soldier is still in my House, and I had no Occasion to give the Prisoner 5 Guineas to find him.

Eaton. And says Green, send Billy to me, for if I don't find the Soldier, right or wrong I'll hang him.

Ann Green. Here's Moll Harvey, my Lord, stands behind Bell Eaton, and bids her say anything.

M. Harvey. No, it is not Moll Harvey my Lord*.

* She now goes by the Name of Mackeg or Macguire.

Court. Prisoner, Do you call Moll Harvey for a Witness?

W. M. No. Court. Then turn her out.

Mary Watson . On the 2d of Nov. I was in Green's House, and he and his Wife quarrelled, and she struck her Boy, and said, You Rogue, who have you let up? and the Boy

damn'd and sunk at his Mother, and said, Only a Soldier and two others, that wash'd themselves above. So then the two Prisoners came down, and Green and his Wife searched them; I saw it; Mrs. Green searched her, and he searched him.

Green. I was then at Islington with my Brother, to see him out of Town. The Prisoner William Macloughlane call'd three Witnesses to his Character, who deposed, that he had been a Gentleman's Servant for some Years past, and had behaved himself honestly.

The Jury found him guilty . Death : But acquitted the Woman as being his Wife .

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