Joseph Paterson, Joseph Darvan.
8th December 1731
Reference Numbert17311208-74
VerdictGuilty > lesser offence

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Joseph Paterson , alias Peterson, alias Paternoster , and Joseph Darvan , of St. Clement's Danes , were a third time indicted for breaking and entring the House of Harman Northook, and stealing a Silver Mug, value 3 l. 8 s. a Silver Soop-Spoon, value 1 l. 5 s. two Salts, value 10 s. four Tea Spoons, value 5 s. a Tea-Strainer, a Silver Punch Cup, a Silver Orange Strainer, a Silver Boat, a Silver Pepper-box, a blue Sattin Suit, value 8. a Damask Gown, value 6 l. and a Silk Gown, value 20 s. the Goods of Harman Northook , the 14th of November last.

Harman Northook. On Sunday the 14th of November, I and my Family went all to Church, having lock'd the Door. At our Return, the Door was broke open. I advertis'd the Goods at Goldsmith's-Hall, and some of them being found on Mary Callicant , alias Nowland, she was taken up, and discover'd the Prisoners.

Mary Gardner . I went to wash at Mary Callicant 's, and while I was there the Prisoners brought two Suits, one Sattin, and one Damask, to sell; and said they had some Plate.

Mary Callicant . The Prisoners brought some Clothes and Plate to my House, in Axe and Bottle Yard , near the Adarsh Asea , to see if I would buy 'em, or could help 'em to one that would. Mary Gardner , who was then present, recommended them to Mrs. True, who keeps a Broker's Shop , and I and Gardner went thither with the Clothes. We ask'd 5 Guineas, and she bid us 50 s. and so we brought 'em back again to my House, and there they were left, and the Plate was put in the Under-Drawer.

William Matthews , Constable. When Gardner was taken up, she directed me to Callicant's Lodging, in Axe and Bottle Yard . I went up one Pair of Stairs, Callicant open'd the Door, and Robert Nowland , alias Nowles, was in the Room. G - Z - ! says he, here's a Search-Warrant. On searching the Drawers, I found the Prosecutor's Plate, a Parcel of Linen, and several Suits of Clothes.

Paternoster. It was not we that carried 'em thither. Robert Nowland (who is Callicant's Husband) came to me and said he was in danger of being apprehended for robbing a House by St. Andrew's Church. I told him he might be safe at my Landlady's; and accordingly, he and his Wife lodg'd there till Saturday (the Day before this Robbery) and then they went to Axe and Bottle Yard.

Dorothy Miles . Robert Nowland and Callicant hir'd a Lodging in my House on Saturday, and on the Monday following they were taken up.

Daniel Blunt . When I took the Prisoners at Mrs. Ram's, I asked them if they did not know Nowland and Callicant? And they swore bitterly they knew no such Persons.

Paternoster. I was at Mr. Morris's, near Green's Bluecoat-School , when this Robbery was committed.

Wolston Morris. On Sunday the 4th of November last, the Prisoners came to my House before Nine in the Morning. Paternoster staid till after Five in the Evening, but Darvan went away between 10 and 11 in the Morning, and return'd between 5 and 6 in the Evening. They often Dine with me, I am their Shoemaker.

Edward Morris . The last Witness, Wolston Morris is my Son. A little after 10 on Sunday Morning, November 14. I went to his House and found Paternoster there, and there I left him a little before 5 in the Afternoon, and he was not out of the Room all the time, not so much as to Piss.

Mr. Northook. This Wolston Morris is the Man that harbour'd them. The Search Warrant was directed to his House.

Callicant. The Prisoners used to be Night and Day at Morris's. It is not far from Mrs. Ram's, where they lodg'd.

Darvan. I went out from Mr. Morris's, I met his Father, and from thence I went to Mrs. Pritchard's, who keeps the House called the Brill ( near the Pinder of Wakefield) and there I din'd and staid till after Four, and from thence took a Walk thro' the Park, and so to Mr. Morris's again.

Anne Pritchard . About a Quarter past One on Sunday, November 14 Darvan came to my House and din'd there, by the same Token that we had 2 Fowls and Bacon for Dinner, and the Fowls were sent me out of the Country on the 12th of November. He staid till 3 Quarters past 4, and then went away. He has us'd my House off and on these two Years.

Of the Burglary the Jury acquitted the Prisoners, and found them Guilty of the Felony to the Value of 39 s.

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