Joseph Paterson, Joseph Darvan.
8th December 1731
Reference Numbert17311208-26
VerdictGuilty > theft under 40s

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Joseph Paterson , alias Paternoster , and Joseph Darvan , of St. Martin's in the Fields , were indicted for stealing 7 Linen Waistcoats, value 10 l. the Goods of our Sovereign Lord the King ; and a Linen Petticoat, the Goods of Mary Lamb , in the House of our Sovereign Lord the King, the 19th of November last.

Ann Smith . The Goods mentioned in the Indictment were left from a Ground-Room in his Majesty's Laundry at St. James's . We suppose they were taken out at the Window, because the Sash was lifted up. They were afterwards taken on the Prisoners. I know these Waistcoats to be the same, here is the Mark G. R . under a Crown.

Daniel Blunt . I belong to Surrey County-Goal. Mary Callicant , alias Nowland, was apprehended (for offering to sell some Goods that were stolen from Mr. Northook) and committed to our Goal. And hoping to be made an Evidence, she gave me Information of the Prisoners. 'Go, says she, to the Three Cranes ' in Castle-Lane , Westminster, and enquire ' where Mrs. Ram lives, Paternoster and Darvan ' lodge up one pair of Stairs in her ' House. If you don't find 'em there, go to ' the Horse-shoe behind Green's Free-school, and ' if you miss of 'em there too, desire the People ' of the House to tell you where Mr. ' Morris the Shoe-maker lives, for they often ' meet at his House. Paternoster is a young ' Man with a bald Head, he wears a fair ' Wig, an out-side light Drab Coat, with a ' great Cape, his under Clothes are Snuff-colour, ' and sometimes blue Grey turn'd up ' with Black, a Silver Watch with a Crimson ' String. Darvan is a young Lad near 19 ' Years of Age, pretty well set, wears a light ' Wig, a new Hat with a Silver Loop and ' Button, a blue grey Coat, and a work'd ' Waistcoat; and sometimes an olive-colour'd ' Suit. Each of 'em wears a small Diamond-Ring.' I took these Directions in Writing,

and went to the Three Cranes in Castle Lane. Mr. Cook , who keeps that House, is a Constable. I took him and James Ogilby with me, and went to Mrs. Ram's in the Morning, and asking her if her Lodgers were within, went directly up Stairs, push'd open the Chamber-Door, and found 'em in Bed. We secur'd 'em, and then search'd the Room. Their Hats, Wigs, Clothes, Watches and Rings, and their Persons, answer'd Callicant's Description; and yet with horrible Oaths and Imprecations they protected at first that they never knew nor heard of such a Woman as Callicant; but afterwards confess'd that they were acquainted with her. In the Drawers we found these 7 Holland Waistcoats, mark'd G R, with a Crown at top. One of the Crowns is partly pick'd out; above 20 Pair of Stockings, Mens and Womens, Silk, Thread and Worsted; some Womens Linen, and several other Sorts of Goods. I examin'd how they came by them. They said they bought the Mens Apparel for their own wearing, and the Womens Clothes were their Wives.

Edmund Cook , Constable. I saw the same Goods taken in the Prisoner's Room, and among them these Wires roll'd up thus. They are about 3 or 4 Foot long, when pull'd out, and there's a Hook at one End. They seem very proper to draw Goods out at a Window when they lie too far within a Room to be reach'd by the Hand only.

James Ogilby . I saw the same Things found in the Prisoners Possession.

Mary Ram . I live in Castle-Lane, (some call it Cabbage-Lane) in Westminster. The Prisoners were my Lodgers; they were recommended to me by Mr. Morris the Shoe-maker, who said they were Gentlemen's Sons, and had 700 l. left 'em by their Godmothers. They kept pretty good Hours. But one Night they came home about 6, went up with a Candle, lock'd the Door, staid about half an Hour, went out again with the Key, and return'd between 2 and 3 in the Morning. I was a Bed when they came, and they wanted to light a Candle, but I huff'd 'em for staying out so late, and so they went to Bed in the dark. I ask'd 'em one day what they did with those Wives , and they said they went a fishing with them .

Prisoner, J. Darvan. We don't deny that the Goods were found in our Room, but that we brought 'em there. Mrs. Ram could open the Door without our Key. I came home one Night about 9 a Clock, and found the Room washed. I asked her how she got in when we had the Key? She said she open'd the Door with her own Key.

Mary Ram . That was only once, when they had lost the Key, and order'd me to get another. I never was in the Room by my self, at any other time.

Prisoners. Did we deny you the Key?

Mary Ram . No.

The Jury found them guilty to the value of 39 s.

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