Mary Bolton.
10th October 1722
Reference Numbert17221010-24
VerdictNot Guilty

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Mary Bolton , of St. Margaret Westminster , was indicted for the Murder of Clementia, Wife of William Thornton , by giving her with both her Hands, one mortal Wound under the right Breast, on the 2nd. of October of which she instantly dy'd . She was a 2d. time indicted on the Coroners Inquest for Manslaughter, in feloniously slaying the said Clementia. Jane Davison deposed, that Mr. Thornton (Husband of the deceased,) going by the door of Mr. Bolton (the prisoners Husband.) which was two or three doors off his own in Stretton Grounds Westminster , between 7 and 8 at Night, Bolton's Dog flew upon him, and he followed the Dog to the Door: upon which the prisoner came out in a great passion, swore at him and said ye Dog do you assault me in my own House; upon this Bolton himself began to strip to Fight Thornton, but this Evidence held him. Thornton then went away, and coming by again after, the prisoner came out and called him Ill Names: the Deceased then came and desired her Husband to come home, and not heed her; the prisoner then standing upon the Steps of her own Door, bid the deceased go off her ground, which the deceased not regarding, the prisoner run at her with both her hands, and push'd her on the Breast. She fell backwards and dyed immediately; and when the Neighbours said she was dead, the prisoner said to Thornton, Go ye Dog, lye down by the Bitch your Wife, and I'll Sprinkle Water on ye both. John Chub deposed, that as the prisoner stood on her own steps, and Thornton at the Rails before the Door, the Deceas'd came to call him home, and laid her hand upon the Rails: the prisoner called her Parish Clem! several times bid her begone, and pusht at her with both hands though he was not positive that she reach'd her; but the Deceased fell down dead. Lewis Shirly deposed, that he saw the prisoner punch the deceased, twice on the Breast, at the first of their Quarrelling, and before the time when the deceased fell down. She went home and told her Husband, she believ'd the deceased had hurt her. William Thornton deposed, that the prisoners Dog flew at him, and they not calling him off he kick'd him; the prisoner came out and abus'd him for it: his own Wife (the deceased) coming to him, the prisoner punch'd her several times on the Breast; the Neighbours persuaded them away; the deceased said to him, She was sorry she went, for the prisoner had hurt her Breast. He going by Bolton's again, the prisoner came out, call'd him Dog, Rougue, Son of a Bitch, and other ill Names; the deceased then came to call him home, the prisoner called her Parish Clem! and running at her with both hands, pusht her on the Breast, and she fell down dead: which the prisoner seeing, said, See how she Bitch Shams it? Go ye Dog, lye down by your Bitch, and I'll sprinkle ye both together. Alexander Small Surgeon deposed, that on opening the body of the deceased, 2 or 3 days after her Death, he found a bruise on her Breast, and some others, but none that could strictly be call'd Mortal; the right lobe of her Lungs adher'd to the Pluera, her Liver was diseas'd, no blood was left in her Heart, but the whole Mass rais'd to the superiour parts of her Body, insomuch that it seem'd possible she might be strangled purely by the violent Emotion of the Wind in Scolding; though it is true when the Passions were so extravagantly raised, and the blood put into such a ferment in a body so weak, a sudden blow on the Breast might very much contribute to her death: but on the whole he thought it a matter of doubt, which he could not determine. Patrick Ramsay Surgeon deposed, that he found a severe bruise on the right side of the Breast, which yet had not occasion'd any Extravasated blood, or any Eruption of the Vessels; the right Lobe of the Lungs adher'd to the Pleura; the Blood was hurried to the upper parts of the Body, and very little left in the Cavity of the Thorax. The Intestines were so inflamed, that they seem'd to be blown up artificially, and compress'd the Diapbragma; that the Lungs having but little blood left in them, when the blow was receiv'd, and not having time to recover themselves and breath again, it might be the occasion of her Death, though it might not have injur'd a stronger Person in other circumstances. Katherine Norwood deposed, she saw the prisoner push at the deceased who fell down dead; and then the prisoner said to Mr. Thornton; Take a knife and stick your self, ye nasty white Liver'd Dog, and then you may lye down by that Bitch your Wife. Grace Hoskins , and Robert Tomkins deposed, that the deceased laid her hand on the Rails before the prisoners door, the prisoner bid her get off of her Ground, run to her, punch'd at her with both hands, the deceased stagger'd back, and said d'ye see! she struck me twice. Bear Witness; and then fell down and spoke no more. The prisoner in her defence said, that hearing her Husband quarrelling about the Dog, she came out and bid Thornton take the Dog and hang him, for they did not own him; he said, No ye Bitch, I'll have satisfaction of the Dog your Husband, your Boy, you Son of a Bitch? she answer'd, No my Husband shan't fight with you, and took hold of him (her own Husband,) the deceased came and likewise took hold of her Husband Thornton, but he in struggling to get from her, threw one of the prisoners Children down the Cellar Stairs, some of the Neighbours came and persuaded Thornton away, but he came again soon after, and told her, she was but an ugly Coarse Bitch, and make the best of her; the deceased followed her Husband, called the prisoner poor beggarly Bitch, nasty draggle tail'd toad, ugly Puss, and stinking Punk, bid her go wash her Smock, and continued such language till she fell down dead by her Husband, without any body's touching her. Edward Quainton , Katherine Hill , and Lucretia Bridge depos'd, that they saw the Quarrel, but saw no blows given by the prisoner. Several others appear'd in the prisoners behalf, gave her the character of a quiet peaceable civil Woman, and never addicted to quarrel with and disturb her Neighbours. The Jury acquitted her

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