Benjamin Speed, John Brewinton, Charles Moore, Eleanor Griffiths.
12th October 1720
Reference Numbert17201012-15
VerdictsNot Guilty; Guilty

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Benjamin Speed , John Brewinton , and Charles Moore of St. Paul's Covent Garden , were indicted for Feloniously stealing 2 Cloth Seats of a Coach, value 30 s. the Goods of Joseph Barnard , on the 6th of Octob last. And Eleanor Griffiths for entertaining them and receiving the same knowing them to be stole . Joseph Barnard deposed, that he lent out his Coach to John Andrews the Day aforesaid, with 4 Seats in it, and when he brought it home there was but two: that when he went before the Justice next Day he saw his two Seats that were missing, but the Feathers taken out. John Andrews deposed, that as he was driving the Coach by King-street, a Gentleman call'd to him and told him he believed he was robb'd, whereupon he got down and mist the Seats; that he saw the Prisoners go into the Pizza in Covent Garden, and the Gentleman and himself followed them; that he took William Lewellin (who was with them) by the Collar and secured him, who told the next Morning where they might find the other 3, which they did accordingly. William Lewellin deposed, that his Father caught him and Speed breaking open his Stall, and sent them to Bridewell, but having got out and meeting the Prisoners he went along with them; that Speed took the Seats out of the Coach and gave them to Brewinton, but that he knew nothing of the Woman (Griffiths). Mr. Blackham deposed, that as he was walking under the Piazzas in Covent Garden, (it being a wet Night) he saw Lewellin and three others go out after a Coach, and he suspecting that they had a mind to rob somebody that might be in it, watcht them, which they observing, Speed came up to him, swore, and struck at him; that there were 4 about the Coach, and 4 went under the Piazzas. James Wigg deposed, that the Constable sent for him to carry Lewellin to Prison; who said, if he would let him he would make a Confession where he might take the other Three; that they found them at Griffith's House in Newtoners Lane, two of them in Bed and the Seats between the Bed and Matt, but the Feathers taken out of them, the other Prisoner was just leapt out of Bed in another Room. Henry Becket deposed, that he was the Constable that carried Lewellin to the Round House that Night, and before the Justice the next Day, where he denied every thing; but as he was carrying him to Newgate he said if he would go back again he would make an ingenious Confession; that upon his Confession they had a Search Warrant and went to Griffiths House in Newtoners Lane where they found the Prisoners, and the two Seats, which were produced in Court and swore to by the Prosecutor. The Jury considering the matter Acquitted Griffiths; and found the Three Men Guilty of the Indictment. Transportation .

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