Martha Purdew.
12th October 1720
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Martha Purdew , of St. Giles without Cripplegate , was indicted for privately stealing a Canvas Bag. 25 Guineas, 2 Carolus's and a Quarter piece of Gold from the Person of Richard Gaudin , on the 26th of September last. The Prosecutor deposed that as he was going through Cripplegate between 8 and 9 at Night the Prisoner saluted him with a How do you do Countryman? Won't you give me a Dram? that he went into a Brandy Shop with her at Cripplegate, and gave her a Dram; that she asked him how far he was going, and he told her towards Islington; she said that was her way, and she would go with him: that when they came to the Bell in Golden Lane she said that as he had been so kind as to treat her before, she would give him a Quartern of Brandy there: That they had not been there a quarter of an Hour before she made an Excuse to go to the Backside, and staying longer than Ordinary he mist his Bag of Money, and was going after her, but was stopt by the Man of the House, who told him that there was a Shilling to pay, and he must not go till he had paid it; that he reply'd he had no Money left, for the Woman that came in with him had Pickt his Pocket of all he had; that he pull'd out his Watch, (worth 7 l.) to leave for the Shilling till he redeemed it, but the Man of the House said he could not tell whether it was worth it, and kept him there while he opened and lookt upon it. That the next Day he went to the Brandy Shop where they drank at Cripplegate, to enquire if they knew her, and told them how she had served him; they said that she came there sometimes, and when she came again they'd send for him; which they did the next Day after; that when he took her she owned she had his Money, and had bought her 3 Gold Rings, Bobs for her Ears and Riding Hood, and had good Clothes on then though in a mean Grab when he drank the Brandy with her, and lost his Money; that there was no body in the Room with him but the Prisoner; and that he had none of his Money back again. John Drake deposed, that the Prosecutor came to him on the 28th of September, and desired him to go along with him in search of the Prisoner, and that a Woman came and acquainted him that she was then at the Brandy Shop; that they went immediately, but she was gone before they got there; that the People of the House told them which way the went and directed them to another Brandy Shop, from whence she was also just gone; but by their directions they followed and found her in a poor Garret wherein were a few Flocks and Rags, but no Bed; that they lookt under the Door and saw her lying on her Back, got the Door open, and he (this Evidence) went to her and told her she was his Prisoner: that she owed she took the Prosecutor's Money; but said she had those Clothes before she took it; and that she also said she had Gold, if the Prosecutor would make it up. The Jury found her Guilty of the Indictment. Death .

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