Katherine Jones, Sexual Offences > bigamy, 3rd September 1719.

Reference Number: t17190903-50
Offence: Sexual Offences > bigamy
Verdict: Not Guilty
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Katherine Jones , alias Nowland , was indicted for Marrying Constantine Boone in April last, her former Husband John Nowland being then living . It appeared that the Prisoner was married to John Nowland by Dr. Talboy on the 27th of April 1713. at a private House in Blue-Ball Alley in the Mint. Southwark ; and to Constantine Boone last April in the same House. The Prisoner owned both Marriages, and in her Defence said, that the last she was married to was no Man, and therefore could not be a Husband; that it was a Monster, a Hermaphrodite, and had been shown as such at Southwark-Fair, Smithfield, and several other Places; and called several Witnesses to prove the same; one whereof deposed, that he knew the Mother of it, who brought it up as a Girl in Apparel and at School, and to handle the Needle, till it was 12 Years old, when he turn'd Man and went to sea. She was also produc'd in Court, and own'd her being a Hermaphrodite, and having been shown; and it appearing by her own Confession as well as other Evidences that the Woman was more predominant in her than the Man, the Prisoner was Acquitted .

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