John Price.
23rd April 1718
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John Price, the quondan Hangman , was indicted for the Murther of Elizabeth the Wife of William White , the 13th of March last. He was a second time indicted upon the Coroners Inquest for the same. The first Evidence, Alexander Dufey , deposed, that as he was coming over Bunhill-fields on the 13th of March at bout 10 a-Clock at Night, he heard a Man's Voice, and a Woman Groan , and heard the Man say, D - mn you for a Bitch, why don't you take it in your Field and put it in? if you won't put it in I'll rip you up. And immediately after, D - mn you Bitch, where is your Money? give me your Money. And presently coming up with another Man, he said to him, did not you hear the Groaning? he reply'd, Yes, I did. That then he desired him to go along with him and see what was the matter; but he seem'd not willing to venture. That then he said lend me your Stick and I will; and he stood ready to assist him upon occasion. That going up to them, he found there was a Woman lying on the Ground, and the Prisoner on the Ground busy about her . That when he came near, the Prisoner cry'd, D - mn you what are you? He reply'd, A Man. He cry'd, D - mn you what do you want? He reply'd, to know what he was doing there. He reply'd that there was nothing but a Drunken Women. That then he call'd for Help, and they laid hold of him, and some People came by with a Lanthorn and Candle. That the Deceased lay in a very odd Posture, and a very bad Condition, with her Coats up to her Belly, Streams of Blood issuing out of her Eyes and Mouth; that he called to her, but she could not speak, but made a gagling Noise as if she had something in her Mouth, which appeared to be Blood. Another Evidence deposed, that as he was going home from Work over Bunbil-fields , he heard a groaning, and stooping down towards the Ground saw a Man, I went up to him and ask'd him if he heard the Groaning; he replied, Yes; I desired him to go up, and he refused, I desired him to stand by me and I would go. I did, and going within five or six Yards of the Place he saw the Prisoner upon the Ground with the Woman, the Woman's Coats were up to her Belly; that the Prisoner said, G - D - mn you , what do you want? that he reply'd, he wanted to know what was the Matter; that the Prisoner replied, it was nothing but a Drunken Woman, and lifted up her Foot and said it was a Man. That then be enquir'd of him where he met with her, he said first at an Alehouse, then at a Brandy-shop, another time at the Burying-Ground Gate ; so they seized him and carried him to the Watch-house; his Hands Coat and Apron were all Bloody; he deposed that the Woman was very Bloody in the Face, and one of her Eyes beat out of her Head; be added, he heard the Prisoner damning her for a Bitch before he came up to him, and was sure it was his Voice. The Constable depos'd, that the two former Evidences brought the Prisoner down to the Watch-house; that he was all over very Bloody, and that he would have gone away ; saying that he had done nothing; but he told him, he knew him to be a Thief and a Rogue, and if he did not sit down he would knock him down, or throw him into the Fire. That then he went to see for the Woman, but being very dark the Evidences miss'd the Place ; and be followed in the Field, that if any Body was in Distress they were come to assist them; but there was no Answer made; but a Dog he had barking about the Body, gave them notice where to find her. That when they came they found her lying in a sad Condition, as had been before described; and besides some of her Teeth knock'd out, which were shown the next Day before the Justice, and one of her Arms broke; that then he got her carried to the Watch-house, and sent for some Women to hold her forwards, for she was choak'd with Clots of Blood in her Mouth and Throat, and could not speak. That then he sent her to a Nurse, and ordered her to be taken Care of. The Nurse deposed, that she was brought to her in the Condition before described , adding that she could not speak a Word all the while she lived; that she said to her tho' you can't speak you can hear, make some Signs how you came by your Hurt: that she lifted up one of her Hanes , not being able to stir the other; and put it to her Head, Throat and Belly, signifying that she was Hurt in those Parts: that in this miserable Condition she languished 4 Days and then Died. Mr. Goodman the Surgeon deposed, that being sent to the Deceased he found her in a sad Condition, a Wound above one Eye , her Eye started out of her Head, which he depressed and put in again, that she had another Wound near her Nose, her Throat very much bruised, her Scalp of her Head so bruised and contused he had scarce ever seen the like, that the upper part of her Womb was very much core and larated , and that her Wounds were the Cause of her Death. The Woman's Husband deposed , that his Wife used to sent Cakes and Gingerbread about the Streets, and went out that Morning very well about 10 a-Clock, that his Son came home about 10 at Night, and she having the Key he could not get in , and so sat down at the Door waiting her coming home and fell asleep, but waking and she not being come home, he came to him to the Watch-house in Cheapside (he being a Watch-man )

to enquire for her, that he knew nothing of her till he heard the next Day of the Accident in Bun hill fields, The Prisoner denied he knew anything of the Fact, but that as he was coming from Holloway-lane he saw three Men crossing the Field, to Chequer-Alley, found something lie in his way, kick'd at it with his Foot; found it was a Woman, and lifted her up, but she could not stand upon her Legs ; and while he was doing this was apprehended. But the Jury were so well satisfied with the Evidence for the King, that they readily found him Guilty of the Murther.( Death .)

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