John Smith.
27th April 1715
Reference Numbert17150427-12
VerdictSpecial Verdict

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John Smith, (commonly call'd Half-hang'd Smith ) of the Parish of St. Margaret Pattons , was indicted for breaking the Dwelling-house of John Cooper , on the 28th of January last, in the Night-time, with Intention to steal. He was also indicted for the same crime, in breaking the warehouse of Benjamin Longuet and partners , (which Warehouse is the lower Room of Mr. Cooper's House.) The Evidence depos'd, That the Warehouse having been 3 times broke open, and Goods stoln away, two Watchmen were put in to lie in wait for the Thieves if they came again; and that accordingly, about 5 a Clock in the Morning of the Day aforesaid, they heard a Noise, and saw the Stock-lock of the Warehouse Door unlock'd, and soon after the Padlock was wrench'd off, and the Prisoner enter'd. As soon as he came in, one of the Watchmen struck at him; but missing him, he ran away as far as Rood-lane-end, where he was taken; and upon Search, the Padlock, with several Picklock-Keys, and a Tobacco-Box, with Tinder and Matches in it, were found in his Pocket. The Fact being thus plainly prov'd against him, he was found guilty of breaking into the House or Warehouse, as set forth in the Indictment: but whether it be Burglary, or in which of the Places, the Jury left special to be determin'd by the Judges .

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