Henry Rout, John Long, Thomas Evans, .
7th December 1709
Reference Numbert17091207-38
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty; Not Guilty

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Henry Rout and John Long were both Indicted upon 2 Indictments, the 1st for assaulting William Cure upon the Queens Highway, and taking from him a silver Watch, value 6 l. an Iron Tobacco Box, a Snuff Box, an Agat handle Knife and Fork, a Handkerchief and 12 Guineas, the Goods of the said William Cure , on the 19th of November last. They were again Indicted for assaulting John Nichols upon the Queen's Highway, and taking from him 36 Guineas in Money, the Goods of the said Nichols , on the Date aforesaid. The Prosecutors depos'd, that coming to London together, they were assaulted by the 2 Prisoners (and 2 Men more not taken) a little on this side Tyburn ; Rout rob'd Cure, and Long rob'd Nichols; the Prosecutors were both positive to the Prisoners. Long's Lodgings being search'd, Mr. Cure's Knife and Fork and Handkerchief, were found in his Possession; the Watch was likewise found and prov'd to be swapt by Rout, for 10 s. and another Watch. The Evidence being positive, and the Prisoners saying nothing in their Defence, the Jury found them both guilty of the Indictments .

Henry Rout, Thomas Evans and S - T - , of the Parish of Pancrass , were all 3 Indicted for assaulting Isaac Cook upon the Queens Highway, and taking from him a Silver Watch value 7 l. a steel Snuff Box 10 s. a Raisor 2 s. 2 silver Medals 5 s. and 15 s. in Mony, the Goods and Mony of the said Cook , on the 14th of October last. The Prosecutor depos'd, that Riding to Kentish Town, between Grays-Inn-Lane and Pindar of Wakefield , was met by 3 Men, 2 of them, (viz.) Rout and Evans assaulted him with drawn Swords, and took from him the Goods mention'd in the Indictment: These 2 the Prosecutor swore positively to, having had a perfect view of them. It further appear'd that they were afterwards seen with part of the Goods, some of which were taken upon them, and produc'd in Court. The Evidence being positive against the said Rout and Evans, and they saying nothing for themselves, the jury found them guilty of the Indictment . But nothing more being prov'd against S -, than that he was seen soon after the Robbery, in the Company of the other 2, the Jury acquitted him.

[Death. See summary.]

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