John Hall, Richard Low, Stephen Bunch.
10th December 1707
Reference Numbert17071210-24

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John Hall , Richard Low and Stephen Bunch , were all three Indicted for breaking open the dwelling House of Captain John Guyon of the Parish of Stepney , between the Hours of one and two at Night, on the 25th November last, and taking from thence a blue Cloth Wastcoat, a pair of Cloth Breeches, 3 Suits of Lac'd Head-cloaths, four Yards of yellow Ribbon, four Yards of green Ribbon, two Silver Spoons, and a Dram Cup, the Goods of the said John Guyon . The first Witness was Madam Guyon, who depos'd, That on the 25th of November, about one or two a Clock at Night, she heard a noise of Thieves in the House, and got up and alarm'd the Neighbours; that on a sudden three Men rush'd into the Room, two Men came up to her, and said, Damn you, deliver your Mony; and gave her a blow on the Face, and bid her go to Bed, That she repl'd, that she had no Mony there, but what she had was in the next Room; upon their going to which Room she lockd the Door upon them, Being ask'd, whether she knew any of them? Reply'd, That the Person that struck her was a tall Man, much of the Stature of Low, but she could not swear to any of their Faces; she viewing them by no light than that of the Moon. The Maid's Evidence was much the same with her Mistress, except in this particular, That Hall holding a Pistol at her Breast, and a Candle in his Hand, gave her the perfect knowledge of his Countenance, so that she swore positively against Hall.

Another considerable piece of Evidence, was that of one Briggs, a Boy of eleven Years Old, at the Green Man near Billingsgate, who depos'd, That six Men came to his Father's House, about four a Clock in the Morning, and being near, had the opportunity to see and hear what pass'd, which was after this manner, (Viz.) That one of them pull'd a Dram Cup out of his Pocket; and another, out of a Handkerchief, took a Wast-coat trim'd with Silver-Thread, and Buttons, with three Head-dresses, with Knotts, which agreed exactly, with those that the Prosecutor lost. That he heard Bunch say, We have made a pretty good Hand on't too Night; and Hall reply'd, that he hop'd they should make a better Hand on't to Morrow Night. Being ask'd, how he could distinguish one from another? reply'd, that when they spoke aloud, they call'd one another Brother Stitch, but when they spoke softly, they call'd one another by their proper Names. That before they went away, they made an Appointment to meet at the Three Fighting-Cocks in Bun-hill Fields, between Five

and Six a Clock that Night; and this Evidence acquainting his Father with it, he suspecting them to be ill Persons, acquainting some stout Men with it, they engag'd to go to the place to take them, but not finding them in the House, as they came away they met them going thither; in their pursuit, the Prisoners fir'd several Pistols at them, but at last they apprehended them.

Low took the Fact upon himself, to excuse the other two: But the Evidence being very clear, and the Prisoners Old Offenders, the Jury found them all Guilty of the Indictment.

[Death. See summary.]

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