Charles Pynes, Robert Adderton.
11th July 1694
Reference Numbert16940711-17
VerdictsGuilty; Guilty

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Charles Pynes was tried for killing one Daniel Roberts , Taylor , with a Sword, value 2 s. giving him a Mortal wound near to his left Pap of the breadth of one Inch, depth eight Inches, on the 14th day of May , in the Third Year of the Reign of Their most Sacred Majesties, King William and Queen Mary . The first witness swore, That Roberts was found kill'd about 11 a Clock at Night in Lincoln-Inn Fields ; but more could not be said. Another (one Mrs. Tovey, Richard Tovey 's Wife, who was lately executed) swore, That she and her Husband was going over Lincolns-Inn Fields about 11 a Clock at Night, on the 14th of May three Years ago; there they met with the Prisoner Pynes, who told them, That he was upon the Scamper, to see who he could Rifle, and that he had seized three or four Men; but he had got but a Crown of them; adding. That he never saw such times in his Life, Men were so poor. Then the said Roberts came by, and Pynes fell upon him, and drew his Sword, and kill'd him; after this he went to Tovey's House, and took a Bible, and made him swear, That he would never discover the Murder as long as he lived. Being asked, why she did not discover the Murder in all this time; she said, she was afraid that her Husband, or some of Pynes's Associates should Murder her; but he being Executed last Sessions, she thought fit now to divulge it. A third witness was Ann Butler , who declared upon Oath, That the Prisoner confest to her, that he kill'd the Man in Lincolus-Inn Fields, but did not name Roberts; and that Mrs. Tovey met Pynes before the last Execution; and they fell out, she telling him, That she would now swear the Murder of Capt. Shooter and Roberts against him; he made her an Answer thus, You may if you will, for I have a Pardon in my Pocket, and I care not what you do, or to that effect; but then the Examination of Ann Tovey was read in Court, which set forth, that Pynes cofest to her, that he had kill'd one Roberts, a Taylor, in Lincolns-Inn Fields; and she swore in Court, that she saw him commit the Fact. So he was found guilty of the Murder.

He was a second time tried with Robert Adderton , for the Murther of Capt. Shooter , about three years ago . The Evidence was Tovey and Butler, as in the former Tryal, who said, that Adderton did confess to have done the Murther; and Pynes said that he was with them quarrelling about a Silver-hilted Sword, who should have it, casting Lots for it, which fell upon Robert Adderton, who wore the said Sword. This was the Evidence as to this Indictment. Pynes denied the Fact. Adderton said, that Tovey went by the Name of Williams heretofore, and was condemned once, and that they swore out of pure malice; that did not avail them. They were both guilty of Murther.

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