William Martin, Robert Presley.
26th April 1693
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William Martin and Robert Presley , two Notorious House-breakers, were both Tried, for that they together with one Morris Moor not yet taken, did break the House of Sir John Friend Knight , putting one Elizabeth Brabon , and the rest of the family in bodily fear, on the 14th day of March last, taking away to the value of about 600l. worth of Plate; viz. two Silver Monteths, value 50l. two Basons 40l. three Silver Salvers, value 15l. eight Candlesticks; value 18l. two more , value 4l. two Silver Chafingdishes, value 3l. seven Salts, value 7l. two Cups 6l. 8s. two Chamber-pots 10l. four Silver Tankards 20l. 6 Porringers 12l. 13 Silver Spoons Gilt 4l. 15s. two Silver Plates, two Sugar-boxes, two Ladles, two Mustard-pots, Pepper-boxes, Skillets, Snuffers, a Watch with a Shaggreen Case, value 12l. 11 Gold Rings, two other Gold Rings set with Diamonds of great value, and several other pieces of Plate of very great value, besides 100 Guineas, all taken away, all which did amount to the value of 600l. and upwards, as aforesaid, &c. Sir John Friend deposed upon Oath that his House was broken open at Hackney on the 14th of March last, about Three a clock in the Morning by four Men who came in at the Window, and then came to his Chamber door, and broke it open, and bound him and his Lady in the Bed, and the rest of the Family, causing Sir John to lye upon his face; then they bundled up the Plate, and went off with it to Presley's Lodgings in Liquor-pond-street in St. Andrew's Parish, where they parted it, and took every one his share; Moors share was sold to one Storton in Piccadilly, who sent a Melting-pot to melt it down first, whereupon a Bench Warrant was immediately issued out against him, in order to answer the same. One Tovey, who was in the Robbery being made an Evidence against the Prisoners, gave a full and large account of the whole matter of Fact; how that they met at one Doyley's in Black-Fryars, where they laid the Plot to go any where to find a Booty; so the first House they fell upon was Sir John Friend's, and that he sent his own share and Martin's by a Ticket-Porter to Sir John Friend after the Robbery was done. Martin denied the Fact, and said he knew nothing of it, behaving himself very morosely and turbulently in Court; for at his Arraignment he would not hold up his Hand till he was forced. Presly pretended that he was not in the Robbery, and called some Witnesses to prove that he was elsewhere; but Tovey positively swore that they were both there with him and Moor; so they were both found guilty of Felony and Burglary.

[Death. See summary.]

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