John Smith, Killing > other, 12th July 1683.

Reference Number: t16830712-18
Offence: Killing > other
Verdict: Guilty > manslaughter
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John Smith Esq , took his Tryal for killing William Atkinson in the Parish of St. Andrew's Holborn , on the 26. of May last, the Manner thus. The Prisoner and the Deceased in the Passage of a Yard in Grays-Inn-Lane drew upon each other, and after a Pass, closed, and then falling off again departed to their respective Habitations, but the Deceased had first received a Wound in his Belly of which in a short time he died, but no former Quarrel being proved, nor any Malicious Intent, the Prisoner was found Guilty of Man-slaughter only, and for stay of Burning in the hand, producing the King's warrant, he was Dismissed upon giving security to Appear the next Goal-Delivery: Bail was likewise taken for William Blake the Sea Captain, Tryed for High-Treason, and Acquitted as is aforesaid.

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