Elizabeth Lylliman.
7th July 1675
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SentenceDeath > burning

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There was likewise tryed that unhappy creature that kill'd her Husband at Goodmans Fields , viz. Elizabeth Lylliman ; she seem'd to be a person of some 50 years of age, old both in years and wickedness; her carriage was very strange both at her Arraignment and Tryal, for after her Indictment read, and the the Clark demanded her Plea to the same, she fell into a kind of passion, and desired of the Court that she might see her dear Husband before she pleaded, which she insisted upon with seeming earnestness for some time; but this appeared to the Court to be but a mad kind of Artifice, designed out of her feigned passionate Zeal to her Murthered Husband to take off the suspicion of her being instrumental to his death, but this would not serve the turn, for upon her Tryal the Fact was evidently proved against her by several witnesses, the people of the house where they were when the Murther was done, did attest how that a little time before the Murther, the party murthered, (having got a dried mackerel for his supper, went out to a Cobler that kept a Stall next adjoyning to the house, and borrowed his knife of him to dress his Fish; that while the Fish was a broyling, the people of the house being gon out of the Room, at their return, they found poor Lylliman with the aforesaid knife in his body, and the blood streaming out after it in this condition, nevertheless he

had so much strength as to go to the door, and called to the Cobler of whom he borrowed the knife, to come to him, and then imbracing him, cryed out dear Countryman, my wife has stab'd me with a knife I borrowed of you, which words he reiterated 3 or 4 times, and then sunk down dead; The Chirurgion that searched the wound did attest that the knife was entred into his very heart; notwithstanding all which evidence, this bloody woman had the confidence to deny the Fact, and to pretend her self to be clearly innocent of it; but it was too evidently proved against her, and the whole matter being left to the Jury, they brought her in guilty of petty Treason .

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