Violent Theft > highway robbery, 9th September 1674.

But there was none to be preferred to him , who for want of witness proved himself guilty of a Robbery near High-gate upon a Country Higler , who being coming to Market to London with some Poultry one morning very early was set upon by four of the Foot-padd, who took away some of his Poultrey, for money

he had none, or very little about him, but Company coming by they were forced to run away, and thereupon the Person rob'd, and others after some time pursuing after them, they at last took one of them, which was the Prisoner now at the Bar, who being arraigned for the same, resolutely denied that he was any of them, or knew any thing of or concerning the Fact charged against him; and persisted therein for a long time with so much seeming earnestness and obstinacy, that the prosecutor began to suspect his Eyes, and think that he might be mistaken in the person, till at last the Prisoner desired that since the witness had declared he was robbed by four persons, whereof two came before his Horse, and two behind him, he would declare in which rank he then was, whither before or behind, To which he answering that he was behind: The Criminal suddenly and more loudly than wisely, cry'd out. My Lord! this is a perjur'd Villain, and you ought not to believe a Word he sayes, for by - I was at that time one of the 2 that came up before him, whereby he confest himself concerned, and was accordingly found Guilty .

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