Old Bailey Proceedings punishment summary.
20th February 1695
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The Trials being over, the Court proceeded to give Sentence as followeth, viz.

Burnt in the Hand, 17.

Thomas Nichols, Mary Goffe, Elinor Griffeth, Priscilla Hamar, Thomas Hitch, James Fleming, James Mersham, Errick Cornelius, Richard Jones, Mark Fenton, William Cannock, Elizabeth Jefforson, Elizabeth Barnes, Sarah Becket, Jane Browne, Elizabeth Belwood, Jane Newel.

Received Sentence of Death, 3.

Robert Geerish, John Davis, Matthew Coppinger.

James Pattison, formerly Convicted for Clipping, was called to his former Judgments.

To be Whipt, 3.

Martha Free, Mary Foster, William Skale

Thomas Lane was fined 40 Mark, and ordered to stand Three times in the Pillory, once near the Mitre Tavern in Fenchurchstreet- a second Time at the Royal Exchange, and a Third Time in Cheapside, on the usual days; and to find good Sureties for his Quiet Behaviour for a Twelvemonth.

Thomas Hitch, James Fleming, Errick Cornelius, and Richard Jones, took a Lifting Shilling in Court, and were entertain'd into His Majesty's Service

An Indictment was brought against Owen Sullivan , Daniel Kane, alias Kalligan , for that they together with Thomas Dunning , Charles Macartey , Timothy Brenot , and others, did break the Savoy Prison, whereby several persons who were committed there for High Treason, made their Escape; they were ordered to be Tried for the Offence next Sessions.

The Humble Presentment of the Grand Jury of London, to the Lord Mayor, Judges, and Justices of this Honourable Court, on the 20th of February, 1694/5.

Whereas by sad Experience, the currant Coyn of this Kingdom is diminished, defaced, imbased, and counterfeited to less than one half of the due Intrinsick Value, to the Ruin of Trade, and great Dishonour of the Nation, which we find by Exchange abroad, and to our great Detriment at home, if not speedily prevented by some new Law, which shall punish Confederate Dispersers of Clipt money, and mercenary Exchangers of Broad money, as well as the Criminals taken in the Fact of Clipping, will have a great tendency to the inevitable Ruin of Trade, and Disturbance in the Kingdom, than can be retrieved.

That we conceive there is a necessity of further Power to be given to Justices of the Peace, and other Magistrates for frequent Examination of Loose and Unsettled persons that have no Habitation nor Business, but live on Pilfering and Begging; and upon Examination of such Persons so found and detected, that they be imployed in the Service of the Kingdom, as Soldiers, would prevent the unreasonable Imposition by Press-masters; and the loose vicious Women, and Black-guard Boys be sent to the Plantations.

That Salisbury-Court, White-Friers, and other pretended Priviledge places, are notorious for entertaining Lewd People, Clippers, and Highway-men, and sheltering such as Defraud their Creditors.

That all Lotteries, except what be established by the Government, be supprest as publick Nusances to the Debauchery and Ruin of Youth and Servants.

All which we humbly present fit to be recommended by this Honourable Court, to the Wisdom of this Parliament, that such Laws may be enacted to redress these Grievances.

Signed by

James Denew

William Carbonell

Richard Mead

Peter Cartwight

William George

John Barker

Charles Herle

Richard Cahmbree

James Parr

Josiah Ragdale

Jonathan Kendale

Thomas Shaw

Anthony Stratton

John Talbot

Samuel Speed .

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