Old Bailey Proceedings front matter.
15th January 1675
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A True and Perfect ACCOUNT OF THE Proceedings at the General Sessions of the Peace, holden for London and Middlesex,

Upon the 15. and 16. of January Instant.


Tryals, Examination and Confession of the Woman that Burned her Child, and the Bailiff that Killed another of his Fellow Bayliffs at Soehoe.


The Tryals of the Merchants Prentice, who Robb'd his Master, and his Masters Brother, of the Value of 3210.

Also a True Account of the Number of Persons that are Condemned to Suffer at Tyburn, and how many Whipt at the Carts Arse.

LONDON, Printed in the 1674

A True and Perfect Narrative of the Proceedings at the General Session of the Peace holden for London and Middlesex, upon the 15th and 16th of January instant.

IT would be neither easy to the Wrighter, nor very satisfactory to the readers of these remarques, to have a precise account given of every particular business at the Sessions, in every of which, are tryed so many Petty felonies, and other common offences as would be little worth the observation of those that should read them, theobjects of mens curiosityes being things rare and portentous, and not common and Vulgar; I shall therefore pretermit (in this narrative) those tryalls that were of less note, and consequence and only give you an account of those that were most remarkable at this Sessions.

And they were in three notorous mischances, first of a Barbarous Murther acted by an unnatural Mother upon her own Child. 2. for a Villanous Robery

committed by a Treacherous Servant upon his Master. Thirdly of a brutish act of beastliness done by a petulant Letcher upon the Person of a Child.

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