18th September 1871
Reference Numbert18710918-696
VerdictGuilty > unknown

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696. JOHN EBENEZER MARTIN (28) , Feloniously forging and uttering an order for the payment of 7l. 16s. 6d., with intent to defraud.

MR. POLAND conducted the Prosecution.

HENRY HONEY . I am clerk to Messrs. Waltham & Co., Brewers, at Stockwell Green—I know the prisoner—he lived at Bythorn Terrace, Brixton—on the 19th June last he was indebted to our firm in the sum of 14s. 3d.—on that day he brought this cheque (produced) drawn on the London and County Bank, Victoria Street Branch, dated 17th June, payable to Thompson, and signed S. A. Goodyer—he said he wished to pay the account, and asked me to give him change for the cheque—I asked him if it was a safe cheque, and he said "Yes, he knew it was all right"—I gave him the change—I told him to endorse it, and he put "John Martin" upon it—I gave him a receipt—the cheque was returned a few days afterwards marked "No account"—I went to the prisoner's house several times, but could not see him—I afterwards received this letter from him (Read: "2, Bythorn Terrace, Brixton. Gentlemen, I regret to hear that the cheque I paid to you; has been unpaid. I took the same from Mr. Thompson for an account, and as I found the office closed to-night I will go to-morrow, Friday, and see him with reference to it, and see you in the course of the day; as I do not know the drawer of it, that would be the quickest way, I am, yours truly, John Martin.") I afterwards received a telegram saying he could not, come—he never called to give any explanation.

Prisoner. Q. Was not the cheque left at the tap of the public-home? Witness. A. It was left there one night, I believe, I can't say that you did not call there—I understood your wife called.

Re-examined. I got no information about Mr. Thompson, his christian name, or anything.

RICHARD ILSLEY . I am a butcher, at Stockwell Green—I know the prisoner by sight—in June last he owed me 15s. 7 1/2 d.—he called with this cheque about the latter end of June, it is drawn on the London and County Bank, payable to S. T. Powell, and signed Thomas Browning, dated 24th June, for 8l.—my nephew gave him the change in my presence, and receipted the bill—I paid the cheque away next day, and it was returned to me afterwards, marked "No account"—I endeavoured to find the prisoner after that, and I went to Bythorn Terrace after him several times—ft friend of mine made an appointment with him, to see me; but I

have not been able to see him—I received, a telegram from him the same as Messrs. Waltham did.

Prisoner. Q. Did you put the cheque out of your hands after it had been returned? Witness. A. Yes, to Mr. Jackson—I know you wrote to Mr. Jackson—I don't know that you called.

Re-examined The endorsement on the cheque is "Thomas Wyle, Newgate Market, salesman, "I paid it away to him.

EDWARD PURCHASE . I live at 17, Bridge Road, Bettersea—in June last I had an account at the Louden and County Bunk, Victoria Street, Westminster Branch—on 10th June I got a saw cheque-book—this is it (produced) the cheques are lettered "S 5145"—I saw the prisoner after that—he is a friend of mine—he asked me if I could let him have a couple of cheques, as he wanted to pay an account—I, said I did not like to do it, but I let him have them—I tore two cheques out of the book, and gave them to him, and he took them away—I don't know what date that was—the first cheque I drew was on the 17th, and he had the two following cheques—to the best of my belief this letter is in the prisoner's handwriting.

Prisoner. Q. How long have you known me? A. About two years—we have had a great many business transactions together—have given you a form before—I believe you had an account at Kennington—I did not know you had one at the London and County—you paid me 10s. on 25th June, or the day before—there was he bill, you gave me 10s.

CHARLES EDWARD BLATDON . I am a clerk in the Victoria Branch of the London and County Bank—we have no customers of the name of S. A. Geodyer, or Thomas Browning—these twcrcheques are numbered S 6145—I can't see the figures very plainly, an attempt has been made to scratch them out—fefease cheques were given out to Mr. Purchase—the same number is on each cheque in that book—no other customer would have that letter and number.

WILLIAM WOOTTON WESTLEY . I am a baker, at Stockwell Green—on 28th July, the prisoner owed me 7s. 1 1/2 d. for bread—he gave me this cheque for 4l. 10s. 9d. on the Central Bank of London, Dooley Street Branch, payable to W. Reeves, signed James Burrell—I gave him the change, and receipted the bill—he endorsed the cheque "W. Murtin"—I paid the cheque away in the course of business, and it was returned, marked "No account."

Prisoner. You never made any application to me for the money. Witness. I went to your house when the cheque was returned, on the following Friday—I was not able to see you—I saw your wife.

BRISTOW POTTER . I am a clerk in the Toile Street Branch of the Central Bank of London—we have no customer named James Burrell—I have ascertained that this cheque belonged to a book issued to a gentleman named Charles Williams, of the Old Kent Read, wroose account is closed.

MICHAEL. BOVENGER (Detective Officer. I took the prisoner into custody on the morning of 6th August, at 2, Bythorn Terrace—I charged him with passing a forged cheque on Mr. Leighton—he said "If the money has not been paid, I will pay it on Monday"—at the station he said "I know I have done wrong, give me time till Monday; I will pay the whole."

Prisoner. You said before the Magistrate, you were looking after me for a, week, Witness. I said several days—I went to your house with Mr.

Loighton, and remained outside while he went in and enquired for you—I went on 5th August—I searched the house—I had no warrant—I also enquired in the neighbourhood for you.

GUILTY .— Two Years' Imprisonment.

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