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18th April 1710
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SToughton's great Cordial Elixir: Now famous throughout Europe for the Stomach and Blood, as is defended in the Bais with it, prepar'd only by him, Apothecary at the Un in Southwark, set forth 19 Years: It makes the best Purl in Beer or Ale, Purl Royal in Sack, and the better Draught in a Minute, being the best and most pleasant Bitter in the World; now drank by most Gentlemen in their Wine, instead of any other, much exceeding any Bitter made with, which being so excessive hot and drying, thicken the Blood, dulls the spoils the sight, and is well known to recover and restore a weaken'd Stomach or lost Appetite beyond any thing that ever was taken occasioned by hard Drinking or Sickness, &c. and certainly carries off the effects of bad Wine, which too many die of. It has been so incerted in the Bills with It almost 20 years, and the certainty of its doing this, was one of the first Occasions of its being made publick. Sold at the Author's House, and at many Booksellers and Coffee-houses in and about the City of London; also at some one such place in most Cities and great Towns in Europe at 1 s. a Bottle. Where it is not yet sold, any Person who send first, may have it to sell again with good Allowance, many now selling 50 or 60 Dozen a Year, some more. Ready Mony expected of all. The Seal on each Bottle has Richard Stoughton cut found it, or else 'tis a Counterfeit.

THE Office of the Taylors Friendly Society, for Insurance upon the Lives of Men, Women and Children, is kept at the Sun and Cross Keys in Witch street, 3 days in a Week, viz. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 9 a Clock to 1, and from 3 to 7, at which Place, every second and last Wednesday in every Month, she Trustees constantly meet about 6 in the Evening. And on Thursday at the crooked Billet in Billeter-Lane, and Friday and Saturday, at the Spotted-Dog in Shoemaker-row in Black Fryar, all at the same Hours. Here a Man by assuring his own Life and his Wifes for the benefit of each other, there will come into the Family, when 1500 have subscrib'd, 20 l. at their Deaths; and if any which Subscribes upon their own Life, shall after having been 3 Years in the Office, and went all such shall be relieved and assisted with all things necessary at the charge of the Society, till their Claims come due. The charge which each Subscriber pays, for Policies, Stamps, Entrance and first being but 5 s. And there being a second Insurance of the same Number, kept also at the same Places, called the Arnicable Society, whereby any Subscriber to the First, whether Male or Female, or any other Person, may if they pleas become Subscribers have also, by paying 5 s. 6 d. 10. Policy Stamps and Entrance, and first Quarter, and 2 s. a Quarter after, and no more, and will 120 l. be divided Quarterly among the Executors, Administrators or Nominees of the Deceas'd, and if overtaken which shall be relieved as in the first Society, besides several other Benefits which are too large here to mention, shall therefore refer you to the of the Settlement which is in Print, and may be had Gratis at all the Office is kept, as is before directed.

THE Charitable Surgeon: Or, the best Remedies for the worst Maladies, reveal'd. Being a new of Curing (without Mercury) the several degrees of the Venereal Pattern per in both Sexes, whereby all Persons, even the meanest Capacities, may for an inconsiderable Charge, without confinement or knowledge of the near of Relation, cure themselves easily, speedily and safely, by the Methods prescrib'd, without the help of any Physician, Surgeon or Apothecary, or being expos'd to the hazardous attempts of Quacks and Pretenders. To which is subjoin'd, a new discovery of the true Scat of Claps in Men and Women, different from the commonly received Opinion of Authors. As also a peculiar Method of curing their Gleets and Weaknesses whether Venereal, Seminal, or otherwise; with some other pertinent Observations relating thereto never before taken notice of. By T. C. Surgeon, Printed for, and sold by Edmund Curl at the Dial and Bible in Fleetstreet, price stitch'd 1 s.

MArten's Treatise (being the Sixth Edition, with large Additions) of all the Degrees and Symptoms of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes; Explicating Naturally and Mechanically its Causes Kinds, various Ways of Infectig; the N or Hereditary Infection; Certainty of knowing whether Infected or not: Infallible Way to prevent infection; Easiness of Cure when Infected; Reasons why so many miss of Cure; how to know when, and when not, in skillful-Hands for Cure; and the Use and Abuse of Mercury in the Cure. Necessary to be Read and Observ'd by all Persons that Now have, Ever had, (many other Diseases being occasion'd by the Venereal Taint and Mercury,) or at any time May have the Misfortune of that Distemper, in order to prevent their being Ruin'd by Ignorant Pretenders, Quacks, Moontebanks, Impostors, &c. whose Notorious Practices are clearly evinc'd To which is added, The Cause and Cure of Old Gleets, and Weaknesses in Men and Women, whether Venereal or Seminal, briefly describing the Use and Abuse of their Genital Parts, and why Gleets (as sometimes they did hinder Procreation, causing Impotency, &c. in Men, and Sterility, &c. in Women. With some Remarkable Cases of that Kind inserted. The whole Interspers'd with peculiar Prescriptions, many Pertinent Observations, Histories and Letters of very Remarkable Cures. The like for general Advantage, never published, by any Author, Ancient or Modern, since the Disease came first to be known in the World. By J. Marten, Chirurgeon, With a Copious Index to the Whole. Sold by N. in the Poultry and Church-yard. A. Collins at the Black boy in Fleetstreet, P renne at Se Head in the Strand, Ch. King in Hall; Booksellers, and at the Authors house, the Garden, on the Left-hand over the Door. Price Bound 4 s.

THE Famous Cholick Water, so often mention'd in the Gazatte, and published base Nine Years, being well known throughout Great Britian and Ireland, for being the only One Medicine giving speedy Relief in Cases of W in the Stomach or Bowels, Cholick, Vapours of both Kinds, sinking of the Spirit, Stiches and Pains of the sides. Gripes, Huxes, Vomiting or Loosness, and all indispositions and Weakness of Stomach and Bowels (immediately digesting any thing that is continued to be said Places only, viz. Old Man's Coffee-house at Charing-Cross Alice's at the Parliament House, Richard's at Temple Bar and at Mr. Clarks Stationer, in Birchin Lane, at 2 s. 6 d. per Bottle.'Tis not putting, but a rich Cordial, pleasant to take at any time, and of excellent Use to carry to Sea, being an immediate Help in Fluxes, Gripes, &c. When once tried, none will be without it. To prevent Counterfeit, every Bottle is sealed with my Seal, the Sun Flower, Mantle and Crest, and sold at those Places only; for since this has been made Publick, hath obtained a very great Reputation, and fully answered the end. I find there are several others that publish and imitate it under other Names and Titles, who live only by thus Pirating upon one and another.

RUptures or broken Bellies Cured with the greatest Success, and Trusses made to so great a nicety, that they exceed all others in lightness, with Springs, Joins Screws or plain, and Totaly the like are not made, Persons living at a distance, by sending an exact measure round the Body, and which side the Rupture is on, may be very well fitted by Wm. Collier , at the Bell and 2 Naked Boys in St. Johns Lane near Hick's Hall. Women may apply themselves to his Wife, you may also be sitted with strait stockings.

The Finest Lucatelius Balsam,

THAT ever was made, prepared with the Choicest ingredients that can be got; to which is now added the true Balm of Gisead, and Three or Four other Rich Balsamicks , and you'll soon discern a Difference from all others by its delicate fragrant cent and Taste: 'Tis a most effectual Medicine (as thus prepar'd) for tickling Coughs, Shortness of Breath, Colds, Hoarsness, Soreness of the Breast, or Lungs, Pleutetick Pains, Spitting of Blood, and all inward Bruises, Strains, &c. It is so great a Healer, that Chapt Nipples, Lips and Hands, are Cured at once or twice using; making them smooth and soft.'Tis sold with Directions, in which is a further Account of it, only at Mr. How's in Talbot-Court, in Grace Church Street; Mrs. Garraway's, at the Royal Exchange Gate, Mr. Smith's the Post Office in Russel Street, Covent Garden, and Mr. Male Glover under Ludgate, at 1 s. 6 d. a Pot, every Pot Sealed with the Sun Flower, Mantle and Crest, or else 'tis a Counterfeit. Nose This Sovereign Balsam you may depend on to answer fully what is said of it.

Robert Whitledge , who formerly lived at the Bible in Creed Lane, is remov'd to the Bible and Ball in Ave-Mary Lane, near Ludgate, where all Booksellers and others may be furnished with Bibles and Common Prayers of all sorts with Cuts or without, Rul'd or Unrull'd, bound in Turkey Leather or plain. Mr. Sturt's Cuts curiously engrav'd, also other fine Cuts, and fitted for all Sizes of Common Prayer. The Duty of Man's Works of all Sizes. The Duty of Man in Latin. Latin and French Common-Prayers, Tate and Brady's New Version of Psalms, with the new Supplement. Dr. Gibson on the Sacrament. The Statutes at large, in 3 Vols. Washington and Wingate's Abridgement of them, The Lord Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, in Folw and Octavo. And the new Transation of Esops Fables. All which Cuts are likewise sold by J. Baker in Mercers Chappel in Cheapside. Also Bp. Beveridges works in 5 Vols. Dean Stanhope on the Epistles and Gospels, in 4 Vol. The Welch Common Prayer.

AT Mr. Skinner's, at the Long White Peruke, in Lamb street in Spittle-Fields, near the Market, Liveth a Gentlewoman, the Daughter of an eminent Physitian, that has a never-failing Ointment that Cures the Gont, altho' the Parties be reduc'd to their Crutches, and that in two or three Days time, having been often found true by Experience; as likewise all Rheumatick Pains, as many in this City can witness. 3 s. the Pot. Also a Powder and Bottle, which Cures the Scurvy in the Gums, Canker in the Mouth, the Tooth-ach; and that so effectually, that the Pain will never return again; not only so, but makes the Teeth as white as Ivory, and fastens those that are Loose to admiration. Bottle and Powder 2 s. 6 d. To be Sold with Printed Directions, at Will's Coffee-House in Cornhill; at Steward's Coffee-House in Bolt-Cours, over-against the Bolt and Tun-Inn in Fleet-street at Ellor's, at the Rain-bow Coffee-House at Westminster-Hall-Gate; Mr. Folks, at the Castle in Little East Cheap, near the Queen's Weigh-House; a Painter's in White-gate Alley in Bishops-Gate-Street; at the Sign of the Peruke, at the Corner of Hastar-Lane in West-Smithfield; and at Mr. Grigg, Bookseller, next Door to Northumberland House, Charing-Cross.

ALL Melancholly, Hysterical and Hypocondriacal Distempers, which variously affect the Mind, with strange Fear and dismal Apprehensions; Faintings, and Sinking of Spirits, great Burries, Restlessness and Disquitement, (little understood, and seldom Cured by any Means) also Pains and Giddiness of the Head, Raisings to the Throat, Sick Fits, Tremblings, Oppressions of the Hearty or any other sucessfully cured (with Gods, Blessing; by a Physician well experienced therein, and of Years in those cases who also Cures

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