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<interp inst="t18030420-130" type="collection" value="BAILEY"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130" type="year" value="1803"/>
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<join result="criminalCharge" id="t18030420-130-off698-c802" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-defend994 t18030420-130-off698 t18030420-130-verdict702"/>
<persName id="t18030420-130-defend994" type="defendantName"> JOHN BROWN
<interp inst="t18030420-130-defend994" type="surname" value="BROWN"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-defend994" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-defend994" type="gender" value="male"/> </persName> was indicted for
<rs id="t18030420-130-off698" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t18030420-130-off698" type="offenceCategory" value="royalOffences"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-off698" type="offenceSubcategory" value="coiningOffences"/> feloniously uttering, on the
<rs id="t18030420-130-cd699" type="crimeDate">18th of February</rs>
<join result="offenceCrimeDate" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-off698 t18030420-130-cd699"/>, a false and counterfeit half guinea to Sarah, the
<rs id="t18030420-130-viclabel700" type="occupation">wife</rs>
<join result="persNameOccupation" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-victim996 t18030420-130-viclabel700"/> of Richard Maypowder, he well knowing the same to be bad </rs>.
<xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="180304200123"/>(The case stated by Mr. Knowlys)</p>
<persName id="t18030420-130-victim996" type="victimName"> SARAH MAYPOWDER
<interp inst="t18030420-130-victim996" type="surname" value="MAYPOWDER"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-victim996" type="given" value="SARAH"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-victim996" type="gender" value="female"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-off698 t18030420-130-victim996"/> </persName> sworn. - My husband, Richard Maypowder, keeps the
<placeName id="t18030420-130-crimeloc701">Plough public-house in Blackhorse-court, Fleet-street</placeName>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-crimeloc701" type="placeName" value="Plough public-house in Blackhorse-court, Fleet-street"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-crimeloc701" type="type" value="crimeLocation"/>
<join result="offencePlace" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-off698 t18030420-130-crimeloc701"/>:- The prisoner came in with another man about half past ten at night, on Friday, the 18th of February; they called for sixpenny worth of gin and water, and the prisoner gave me a good sixpence; I told them it was near eleven o'clock, and they must break up; they came to the bar, and had a glass of rum, the prisoner gave me a good half guinea; I delivered it to my son to look at, and he agreed it was good, and gave it me again; then the prisoner said to the other man, you pay for it; and the other said, you pay for it, several times over; the prisoner asked for the half guinea again, saying, the other man would pay for it; I gave it him, and then he asked for change, because his companion would not pay, and he put down a half guinea on the bar, and I gave him ten shillings and twopence. Upon taking up the half guinea, I saw it was a bad one. and shewed it my son, and desired him and the patrol to go after the prisoners; they did so, and brought them back; I told them they had passed a bad half guinea; they said, if I would not take them to the watch-house, they would give any thing; they were then taken to the watch-house.</p>
<p>Cross-examined by Mr. Alley. Q. What sort of half guinea was given to you first? - A. A straight one.</p>
<p>Q. How long had the men been gone out of the house before they were brought back? - A. Not a minute.</p>
<p>JAMES MAYPOWDER sworn - (Confirmed Mrs. Maypowder in her testimony.) I was present at the watch-house, and saw them searched; the prisoner had two good seven-shilling pieces in his pocket; the other man had fifteen shilling in silver, and about tenpenny-worth of halfpence; they let the other man go. When I first went up to the prisoner, he wanted to resist; I shook him, and he put his hand in his pocket, pulled out the half guinea, and let it fall; I called the watchman, who brought a light, and the patrol found it; it appeared to be the half guinea first paid to my mother.</p>
<persName id="t18030420-130-person997"> JOHN CHAFFEY
<interp inst="t18030420-130-person997" type="surname" value="CHAFFEY"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-person997" type="given" value="JOHN"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-person997" type="gender" value="male"/> </persName> sworn. - I am a patrol, and was standing at the bar; I was desired by Mrs. Maypowder to go after the men; I said hold of the other man, and Maypowder of the prisoner; I said, there is something dropped, I got a light, and found the good half guinea, which he laid down the first time on the bar door.(John Forster, the constable, produced the money found on the prisoner, the bad half guinea, and the good half guinea found in the court, which was of the last new coinage.
<rs id="t18030420-130-verdict702" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t18030420-130-verdict702" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/> GUILTY </rs>.</p>
<rs id="t18030420-130-punish703" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18030420-130-punish703" type="punishmentCategory" value="imprison"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-punish703" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="newgate"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-defend994 t18030420-130-punish703"/> Confined six months in Newgate </rs>, and
<rs id="t18030420-130-punish704" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t18030420-130-punish704" type="punishmentCategory" value="miscPunish"/>
<interp inst="t18030420-130-punish704" type="punishmentSubcategory" value="sureties"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="t18030420-130-defend994 t18030420-130-punish704"/> give security for good behaviour six months </rs>.</p>
<p>London Jury, before Mr. Recorder.</p> </div1></div0>

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