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<interp inst="t17820911-28" type="collection" value="BAILEY"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28" type="year" value="1782"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28" type="uri" value="sessionsPapers/17820911"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28" type="date" value="17820911"/>
<join result="criminalCharge" id="t17820911-28-off141-c277" targOrder="Y" targets="t17820911-28-defend349 t17820911-28-off141 t17820911-28-verdict144"/>
<persName id="t17820911-28-defend349" type="defendantName"> THOMAS BARRET
<interp inst="t17820911-28-defend349" type="surname" value="BARRET"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-defend349" type="given" value="THOMAS"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-defend349" type="gender" value="male"/> </persName> was indicted for
<rs id="t17820911-28-off141" type="offenceDescription">
<interp inst="t17820911-28-off141" type="offenceCategory" value="theft"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-off141" type="offenceSubcategory" value="theftFromPlace"/> stealing on the
<rs id="t17820911-28-cd142" type="crimeDate">20th of July</rs>
<join result="offenceCrimeDate" targOrder="Y" targets="t17820911-28-off141 t17820911-28-cd142"/> last, one silver watch, value 3 l. one steel chain, value 3 s. one stone seal value 6 d. one metal watch key, value 1 d. one hook, value 1 d. two shirts, value 8 s. one shift, value 1 s. the goods of
<persName id="t17820911-28-victim351" type="victimName"> Ann Milton
<interp inst="t17820911-28-victim351" type="surname" value="Milton"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-victim351" type="given" value="Ann"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-victim351" type="gender" value="female"/>
<join result="offenceVictim" targOrder="Y" targets="t17820911-28-off141 t17820911-28-victim351"/> </persName> ,
<rs id="t17820911-28-viclabel143" type="occupation">spinster</rs>
<join result="persNameOccupation" targOrder="Y" targets="t17820911-28-victim351 t17820911-28-viclabel143"/>, in the house of
<persName id="t17820911-28-person352"> Jacob Whitebread
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person352" type="surname" value="Whitebread"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person352" type="given" value="Jacob"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person352" type="gender" value="male"/> </persName> , Esq. </rs> </p>
<persName id="t17820911-28-person353"> ANN MILTON
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person353" type="surname" value="MILTON"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person353" type="given" value="ANN"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person353" type="gender" value="female"/> </persName> sworn.</p>
<p>I was left in care of Mr. Whitebread's house; on the 20th of July, the prisoner and two more came to look at the house, which was to be let. The prisoner went down into the yard, and I went with the other to shew him the house; while I was going up stairs, he came up, and went into the parlour, and took the things mentioned in the indictment: I saw the watch that instant, I missed it directly. I went out and cried stop thief, and two men took them.</p>
<persName id="t17820911-28-person354"> ROBERT CROUCH
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person354" type="surname" value="CROUCH"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person354" type="given" value="ROBERT"/>
<interp inst="t17820911-28-person354" type="gender" value="male"/> </persName> sworn.</p>
<p>I took the prisoner; I am a chairman, heard the cry of stop thief, and saw two persons running, the hindermost man called out stop thief, the prisoner run into Stafford Mews, and made an attempt to jump upon a scaffold; we searched him and found a watch.</p>
<p>- King, beadle of Mary-bone produces the watch, which he found on the prisoner, and has been ever since in his custody, and which was deposed to by the prosecutrix, her name being engraved upon it.</p>
<p>A young fellow I went with said he was going to take a house for his master, there was a cry of stop thief, he laid this watch down, and said, take my watch; I did not know how he came by it.</p>
<rs id="t17820911-28-verdict144" type="verdictDescription">
<interp inst="t17820911-28-verdict144" type="verdictCategory" value="guilty"/> GUILTY </rs>. (
<rs id="t17820911-28-punish145" type="punishmentDescription">
<interp inst="t17820911-28-punish145" type="punishmentCategory" value="death"/>
<join result="defendantPunishment" targOrder="Y" targets="t17820911-28-defend349 t17820911-28-punish145"/> Death </rs>.)</p>
<p>Tried by the second Middlesex Jury before Mr. Justice ASHHURST.</p> </div1></div0>

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