10th May 1780
Reference Numbert17800510-48
SentenceCorporal > whipping; Imprisonment

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274, 275, 276, 277. ALICE WILLOUGHBY , ELEANOR M'CABE , CHARLOTTE M'CAVE , and ELISABETH GREEN were indicted for stealing eight guineas, in monies, numbered , the property of Nathan Showell , April 13th .


I am an old clothes-man . I was going up St. Giles's , calling old clothes, at about one or two o'clock, on Thursday the week before our Easter; somebody called old clothes; I looked up and saw some girls, I thought they wanted to fool me. They called me again, and held an old coat out of the window and said they had some clothes to sell. I went up. All the four prisoners were in the room. As I was looking at the coat, three of them went out of the room and locked me and the little one, Alice Willoughby in; I threw down the coat and went to pull the door open; she struck me on the fingers with something, I do not know what. She said why would I not buy the coat; I said I would have nothing to do with the coat; I wanted to get out. I went to the door again and she ran against me, and got hold of my pocket. I had ten guineas and a half and some silver in my purse in my breeches pocket. She got her hand into my pocket; I clapped my hand into my pocket and got hold of the purse; she had hold of it at the same time; I held her hand. She cried out I have got it, upon which the other three came in directly; they pushed and pulled me about. The little one and Charlotte M'Cabe had hold of the purse together; I kept hold of it; the purse broke, and all the money dropped down; I picked up three guineas and a half myself; they picked up the rest. I had the money in the morning of a shop-keeper in rag-fair; I had laid none of it out. As soon as they had the money they all ran down, and I ran after them. I was almost distracted about my money. I could not tell where they were gone; some of the neighbours took notice of them, and told me where they were. I found the little one in the necessary; she said you Dutch bougre what do you want with me, do you want my life or my child's life. I said give me my money; she said you Dutch bougre I won't give you a farthing, I wish I had more of you, do you want my life or my child's life, she said again. She said what she would do to me if I did not go out. I was afraid and went away, and she went out. They saw some of the neighbours run after them, and then they ran into the house again. The woman of the house asked me what was the matter, I cried and took on so. She bid me look over my money, and see what I had lost. I took my money out to count it, then Green came up and took a guinea out of my hat and ran out. They all ran out again. The constable took them in the street, and searched them, but did not find any thing upon them. I did not get any of my money again.


I sell fruit in Church-street, St. Giles's. While I was sitting at my window I heard the Jew cry old clothes, several times, and Charlotte M'Cabe called clothes.

Did you know the prisoners before? - Yes, their persons, but I did not know their names; they are not my sort. She called him out of the window; he said I shall not come to you. Then she shewed him a brown

coat out of the window; and then to the best of my knowledge he went up. I did not see him go up. I believe the prisoners live all higley pigley in that one room; my window is opposite theirs. I saw them all in the room, when they called him up. I heard the Jew cry out give me my monies, give me my monies. I saw Willoughby and Charlotte M'Cabe run out of the house into the next house. I did not see what became of the others.

Could you see what they were doing to the prosecutor, if they were pushing him about? - I could not see that.


I was fast asleep on the bed; I waked and heard a great noise; I got up and went to fetch a pint of beer, and the prosecutor laid hold of me by the gown and tore it, and said I had robbed him.


I was in my own room washing; I came down to empty some suds; the prosecutor laid hold of me and said I had robbed him; he let me go again, and I went up to my washing and thought no more of it till the constable came and took me.


I was about my business; I know nothing of it. I never saw him till he charged me with it.


I live at the next door. I came in to see what was the matter. Another person took the guinea out of his hat and he charged me with it.


Tried by the Second Middlesex Jury before Mr. RECORDER.

[Whipping. See summary.]

[Imprisonment. See summary.]

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