Daniel Shields, Sebastian Hogan.
14th September 1763
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358, 359. (M.) Daniel Shields and Sebastian Hogan were indicted for robbing Joseph Alston in the King's highway of a hat, value 10 s. July 10 . +

Joseph Alston . On the 10th of July, about a quarter past 11 o'clock at night, I had been to St. Catherine's to my lodgings, and found I was lock'd out, I was going to my master's in Houndsditch, name Jacob Rothereges , a jeweller, I was attack'd on Tower-hill by four men which came from towards Iron-gate. Shields came up and patted me on my left shoulder, and said something I did not understand, I thought he asked me what o'clock it was; I continued walking on very briskly, and said, No, friend, I can't tell what o'clock it is; then he felt at my right side breeches-pocket, and asked me, if I had got any money for him? I said no, I had none; then he bid me stand and deliver, and took hold of my collar; I said I would not stand, and began to shake myself from him, then the other three came up, one said hold on collar behind and the others held me by each arm; then Shields let me go and went behind me, and presently came before me again with a clasp-knife open in his hand, I was then calling out for assistance, he laid hold of my collar again, and swore if I made the least noise he would kill me; I did not mind his threatening at all, but called out murder; they held me some time; I can't swear who cut my coat, but I had three cuts in it; it was pretty dark, but we were under one of the lamp. one of them had his hand in my breeches-pocket they were afraid of somebody coming to my assistance; Hogan took my hat from my head, and one of them struck me on my nose, then they all ran away, they took nothing out of my pocket; I pursued them and catch'd hold of Shields by the coat, but running against one of the posts going off the hill, I was obliged to let him go.

Q. Did any body come to your assistance?

Alston. I neither saw nor heard anybody. The other three ran towards Queen-street, and he ran towards the Victualling Office; running by the watch-house, a watchman took him, then I left him and pursued the other three. The two that escaped, ran up Queen-street, and Hogan ran up King-street, I pursued him, I knocked him down against a post, and knocked a hat and wig off, which hat appeared to be mine; he recovered himself, and got up and ran again, I pursued and got hold of one of his arms, he gave me a shake, and shoved me against a post; I let my hold go, and he ran back again the way he had came; I pursued him again, then I saw he had a clasp knife in his hand open; I ran before him, and laid hold of his collar, he got loose from me again and turned and ran up the street again; I still pursued, he found he could not make his escape he ran up to a leather-cutter's door, and stood stopping with his knife ready for a stab at me and said, You dog, what did you strike me for? said, I will let you know presently, and called watch, watch, make haste, I have got him. He thinking somebody was coming, looked back at which time I jumped upon him, and seized hold on both his arms; he put his hand down

and shut the knife against his thigh, and dropped it against the door; I put my leg behind him, and gave him a fall; after that I got him up, and was leading him down (this was all in King-street) to get him to the watch-house, there came an old woman that had heard the noise, and asked, what was the matter? I told her I had got a thief: she asked me if I had nobody to assist me? I said, no: she said, where are the watchmen? I said, I believed they were all dead: said she, I'll fetch you a watchman presently: presently she sent two, then we carried him to the watch-house at Tower-hill; I left him there; I then went with one of the watchmen with his lanthorn to look for the hat; I went first to the place where they stopt me, to see if they had dropt any knives, I found none, then at the bottom of King-street, where Queen-street begins, I found a case knife, I suppose dropped by some of the others, and in the middle of King-street, where I knocked him down, I found my own hat in the kennel, then we went again to the watch-house; in about 10 minutes time two watchmen came from another watch-house, to know if any body was there that had been robbed; I said, I had; then I went with them to their watch-house in St. Catherine's, there was Shields; then we sent for Hogan, I knew him as soon as I saw him; I charged him with taking me by the collar, and drawing a knife upon me, to rob me. The next day they were carried before the sitting Justices, Shields confessed every thing in the watch-house, and also before Justice Scott. The knife which Hogan dropped at the door I found in the morning about 4 o'clock.

Mr. Cooley. I was sent for to the watch-house, being the officer, there Shields confessed he was in this robbery, with one Welch, Ryan, and Hogan, and that he had been concerned in other robberies with one Wilson, and desired I would go and take them, which, he said, would be a means of saving his life. I went with some watchmen of a notorious house on Salt-petre-bank, as he directed me, but did not meet with them.

John Hall. I am watchman. I heard the prosecutor cry out murder, and thieves, I went out of the watch-house, by the Victualling office, Shields came running, I catched him in my arms, and secured him in the watch-house, this was about half an hour past 11 o'clock; after that I went to the other watch-house, there was the prosecutor and the other prisoner, when Shield's saw them he wanted to be admitted evidence, and owned to the fact.

William Grugen . I am an officer, (he produced a case knife, and a clasp knife) these were delivered to me by the prosecutor and watchman; the prosecutor charged Shields with being one that robbed him of his hat, he was quite consistent in his charge. Shields offered to turn evidence, and owned the fact, and said the knife that was found at the leather-cutter's door was Hogan's property.

Shield's Defence.

I was drinking that night at the Ship-and-Shovel on the back of Guy's Hospital, and going home to my lodgings in Catherine-wheel-alley, White-chapel, they took me in custody; I know nothing of the robbery.

Hogan's Defence.

I was going home about my business, and the gentleman opposed me in the street, I had a hat, and I lost it in the struggle; there was not a soul with me, the gentleman may say what he pleases, I cannot stop his mouth.

Both Guilty . Death .

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